Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Daddy's girls.

I shall be a good girl. A very very very good girl. So good until cannot good anymore ah.

Proud of you.

You'd better be.

*** ***

I was just talking to my dad the other day about where he would want to stay when my sister and i have our own places, for whatever reason.

Another reason for asking this was to note his reaction/thoughts when it comes to the empty nest syndrome.
I know that my parents are the very family oriented type, and they love having all the family members around at home.

Found it amusing that he thinks that son-in-laws shifting in with in-laws is not as bad as daughter-in-laws shifting in.

He declared loudly and in mock serious resolution:
"There can only be ONE. "


I am guessing you know what he means. I followed up: So, the kitchen is the war zone hah? But then again, the whole house can be a war zone.

(you know, if the kitchen was the sole war zone and that if peace can be upheld if i do not step in, i would gladly stay out of it. R.e.a.l.l.y.)

Aiyo, the plethora of stories of nit picky mother-in-laws are definitely frightening. Oh, why oh why was i born a girl?!

I'd seriously freak if i'd have to face a mother-in-law who cannot let loose a little and is always sensitive and critical about every little amoeba sized issue.

About the empty nest syndrome. I didn't get much out of him.
All that talk on families and whatnot made me think about marriage and how my folks would take it.

And i was thinking...

They seem to be able to live with the notion that: Yes, my children will be gone someday. KEYWORD: SOMEDAY.
But i feel that for them to accept and adjust would be really, really, tough.

I may be wrong. But that's how it looks like.
And why do i say that? Better substantiate before i get slapped with defamation from my folks.

Well, they've only got 2 of us and we're a tight family. I know that i'm the baby in the home. *rolls eyes*
(But don't get me wrong, even i wouldn't be able to get away with cockroaches scuttling about in my room.)

Grr. And that fact is all the more drilled in because of a not so distant past.

From the way we're spoken to and treated, i can see that letting go is not going to be a small issue.
The minute some talk about having a real relationship enters the picture, WHOO!

Watch the over boiling cauldron! Watch the timebomb! NO WAIT! DON'T WATCH!

TAKE COVER! Grab a pot to protect your head! Go bury yourself 10 feet under! And don't forget to leave a safe 10km radius from the danger zone!

They can talk hypothetically with ease, the CONCEPT is fine... But when it comes to something real life... Oh, help us all.

Ok, i was exaggerating. But you get my drift, right?

To be fair, i understand the reasons for their concern. Concentrate on studies, don't subject self to complications in this last lap, concentrate on studies...

Ah, but all is not lost when it comes to lessening the explosion.
There are just a handful of things, yes, a handful of sacred things that once accomplished, half the battle would be very well won.

Eh. My essay is calling me. I gotta siam for now.

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