Wednesday, May 11, 2005

(really pissy post was taken off due to the effectiveness of M's spiritual iced tea)

And i have *lalala* that makes my day and makes me smile.

Thank God...

1. that there's no band practice today because i cannot afford the time to go... But i kinda miss the (illegal?) jamming and electric guitar-ing around.

2. that i am still alive.

3. for His Strength.

4. For loving people around me. AG was a saint today (and every other day too when she sees me awake in the morning), coming in with a mug of hot, thick milo and giving me a waist to hug when i was feeling soooooo tired.

5. For lalala.

6. For M's spiritual iced tea at that ungodly hour.

7. For my Nivea Vit C cream. (my eyeesss, my eyesssss.) Oh FINE, it's not 100% effective but it lets me think that it at least does help with something, ok? (though it's perhaps only just psychological. hee.)


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