Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Newest addition to the Zoo.

I had cockroaches who, er, thrill me at night, a dog named Jed who finds new antics to brighten our dull human lives, Mini Me fruits that sacrificed their maturity to feature on my blog and now we have dwarf hamsters!



"Thing 1" and "Thing 2" Posted by Hello

My sister was the one who named them. Mais well as call them "1" and "2". For your information, i cannot tell the brothers apart.
I am pleased to have caught them mimicking each other.

Ordinary enough looking hamsters right?

But then yesterday, i realized that we are so influential. *smug*
You know how imitation is the best form of flattery?

Seems like the hamsters have come to share/pick up their owners' off kilter kind of humour. My, my, they are catching on fast.

I am so proud.

Squished in between the running wheel and cage. Posted by Hello

Close up on squished Thing whichever-number Posted by Hello

Yes, your eyes are not joking Posted by Hello

Very amused by its little teeny legs that are sticking out of the cage. We didn't do anything, it simply decided to wedge itself there.

The 1st time we caught one of them doing this, it was sleeping in that position. The 2nd time round, it was eating, chewing on a little piece of seed of some sort.

My sister has a circus in her room man.

*looks around for more photos*

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