Monday, May 16, 2005

He Healed

AG witnessed an instantaneous healing that took place yesterday at church.
Wow, i feel so encouraged.

You see, one of AG's friends knew of a person who had been suffering from a swollen knee that didn't get better even after a doctor's attempt at treatment.
Let's call her X.

Initially, X's employer didn't allow her out on sunday but she sneaked out anyway when she heard that there was going to be a time of prayer for healing for the sick.

AG told me that when she saw X walk into the church meeting, X's knee was swollen and X had to limp as she walked.

As X was being prayed for, she cried and cried but suddenly, she started yelling in complete elation: "There's NO MORE PAIN! NO MORE PAIN! I AM HEALED!"

And X began walking up and down, shaking and flexing her joints to make herself believe or something, i don't know.

AG saw for herself that the swollen knee had subsided to normalcy after the prayer and healing X had received and AG told me that during the break they had, X was so extremely ecstatic that she couldn't even eat.

At times like these, I am so thankful to God for showing himself and being faithful to someone who did not even know Him from the start.

X was not a Christian when she stepped into the room, but now, she has a powerful testimony to share and tell the world.

PRAISE THE LORD! What an encouragement. :-)

Lord, what is life, without you.

*** ***

It's a fuzzy notion that i roughly get. But knowing myself, i cannot stand fuzzy notions. I like things to be clear, explicit, consolidated.
Something i can get confirmation from when i revisit the information.

I cannot begin to fix my thoughts coherently into some meaningful picture that i can understand.
And that's because i don't have enough pieces to fix it together to begin with.

It's not that i don't get the idea. I know what it's about.

What i don't like is when you don't have a complete, full, solid idea. Because with such a complete idea, you can poke and prod, infer, derive, analyse...

And you will still get a reliable answer after all that mental gymnastics.

But when all you have are just fragments stitched together by the fog of assumption, there's no way you can infer without asking questions again about the truth of it and whether you are assuming.

And we all know... That assumption, makes an ASS out of U N ME. (ASS-U-ME)


*** ***

I sat up on the bed this morning and our eyes met and held.

He then came over with adoration in his eyes, stood up on his hind legs, put his front paws on my neck and gave me a good licking on my lips.

I'm telling you, my dog is part humanoid.
I lubb my makeshift husband.

*** ***

Posterior on the black chair.

*searches for that well of emotion and feels the stirring*
*lays hands softly on the black and white keys*
And begins to tenderly play something that reflected how i felt inside.

It's nothing much, just a short meditative sounding piece of repeated melody.

There's the feeling of soft gentle happiness, the kind of happiness that makes you smile warmly inwardly but yet there's also a tinge of sadness and it eventually gives way to the conclusion, that is, of hope.

I don't know. But somehow, something so wonderful, still stirs the double emotion of bittersweetness in me. So, despite being satisfied, there's still this darker side i cannot explain. But the weird thing is, this dark side, is not an unhappy kind of thing.

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