Monday, May 09, 2005

Wow. Nothing but... Wow.

I've read the posts. I've pictured the images that his words weave. So powerful, so moving. I don't know how he does it.

He doesn't need all that flowery, complex sentence structure, those incomprehensible shakespearean poetry.
Just pure and raw emotion, fashioned right there in words.

I've always doubted love. Always doubted the sincerity and truth of romantic love from any man.

But to see that sort of depth felt in a person, I can only say that I wish that some day, you'll finally embrace what you deserve.
Someone who will love you the same way the you love her.

*** ***

This is so weird.

I am getting replies to my NTU application that i made this year, when on the other hand, i was rejected two years in a row in the past.
And the offers i am getting are coming from the bottom up. First, it was Eng Lit (5th choice), now, it's the BA/BSc (Edu) (3rd and 4th choice), for teaching.

I have a friend who had 'A' level grades which were slightly below mine but got into NUS after the third application. Hmmm... Odd.

But i'm not complaining.

I guess it's bittersweet because even though i am receiving the partial green light(s) into NTU/NIE, those courses are not what i really want. But, as T said, perhaps getting involved might be a good idea because i'll never know what's ahead.

Very true indeed.
Though i cannot shake the feeling that i should not invest my time and (not-quite-there) enthusiasm into it. After all, my whole hearted interest and passion lies with psychology.

All i can do is wait and trust for whatever's best, even if nothing turns out to be what i'd like it to be.

*** ***

Funny how she used to say that she would be a nun for life because no one would fall in love with her.
Ah... but time has proven otherwise. Now, hypothetically speaking, it looks like she is going to be the first one in our clique to get married!

The last time we spoke, it was such a pleasure to see the kind of chemistry she had with her SO (SO=significant other, NOT a**hole) and how comfortable they are with each other.

Am certainly happy for her, and i hope nothing horrible gets in the way. It's her first relationship and knowing her, i definitely do NOT want her to get her heart broken at any time.

At this rate, it doesn't look like she will (though there're always chances ok, in reality).
Anyway, I think that they both deserve each other, wonderful people.

I'm glad that her relationship is no where near the not-too-successful ones that two in our clique have experienced before.

But right now, i wish she could just EXTRACT herself from his loving arms and fall into OUR LOVING ARMS! ARGH!
(our=her ALSO very very affectionate girl friends)

We, the other three from the Library Gang want her back for just 3 days man!

I am so screwed, with my assignment due and me not doing much yet.

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