Sunday, May 29, 2005

About trust

I have learnt from the current bliss of another... that:

If you don't learn how to trust...

- you will never be able to understand the kind of soaring and trusting freedom that one can have, in love.
- you will never be able to grasp and revel in what a fulfilling relationship can bless you with.
- you don't give the other person a chance to prove themselves.
- you don't give yourself a chance to be immersed in positive emotions.

I don't know what on this Earth will be able to make me believe that relationships, THESE DAYS, can be forever.

I've seen so many relationships starting off being so blissful, so happy, so diabetes SWEET, but over a period of time, they disintegrate into anger, hurt and insane pain.

Either that, the couple find that things weren't quite going the way it should be and therefore lead to a sort of amicable break up.

Perhaps many other permutations, but well, the bottom line is:
All ha-base (sorry lah, i dunno how to spell. Pronounce liddat, you can get it already) in the end.

I know that i might get flak for this from you guys... Though GENERALLY speaking...

I've always doubted the faithfulness of guys. I've always thought that they're always on the lookout for a better person, a more attractive person, a smarter person, a more talented person, etc.
That somehow, that roving eye cannot be tamed!

Another issue with guys i have is that, i've always felt that the depth of their feelings is questionable.
One minute, they "love" you, the next, they can easily fall for someone else.

As shallow as a puddle after a drizzle.

I've seen how even after 2 years (some even 4 and 5 years), a guy can just simply not feel the same way about his girlfriend anymore. And it's not like the relationship was on the rocks or anything.

I've seen the direct impact it caused, how it has and can have ruined lives.

Like, WHAT THE???

Ok lah, there are some successful relationships also. Wish those influenced me more than the negative cases.

But really, the negative overwhelm the positive right now.

*** ***

I pictured the scene that if Jed were to die on me... The whole scenario from my JC1 days will repeat itself.

Man, inviting someone into your life, be it a dog, hamster, person... Is like asking for potential pain. It's opening yourself up to getting hurt in future.

But if you don't open your life to these critters and people to love, you will never experience what comes before the pain, which could jolly well be one wonderful and unforgettable (positive)ride.
And even if it doesn't leave nice memories, chances are, that there's something to learn from every bad experience.

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