Saturday, May 14, 2005

Literal and Figurative

I thought only one of them was kuku. Now i get this. I'm sorry if you can't tell hamster head from hamster butt. Heh. Too poofy, these things.

Don't they look like the Pisces fish? Posted by Hello

Check out the hobbit leg. I like. Posted by Hello

At best, they look mangled. Posted by Hello

*** ***

Everything was perfect.

Strong winds that blew against me, drawing the heat away, sweeping my hair back, sipping on a cool drink, with my eyes focused straight ahead, in silence.

If only i could ignore the fact that i was walking towards class for tutorial.

I wanted the moment to prolong itself or to last forever. That time and life would have no hold on me.

That i may continue walking, with my vision set on the road ahead.

And should or when my journey end(s), it would end when i reach the place where you are, Lord.

And a long journey is fine. I long to see your creation, your hand, You.

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