Friday, May 20, 2005

randoms by the hour

Ah... I see some things have made decisions!
Decisions, decisions, decisions, all parta life, aye yai!

Can't say i am too impressed, but hey, i ain't going to discuss it. Not mah business and better to shuddup anyway lest i begin something i don't want to.

But one thing i shall say and that is: Not trustworthy at all, I knew it.

*** ***

While lying out prose and minding my own business, AG came by and decided to pummel and massage my back muscles. Man... it felt good! Usually, i'd be the one in the home to give massages (but i got no license one, i go by instinct) and never felt how it was like to be given one.

Thing is, i couldn't stop giggling/laughing and squirming because it was ticklish at certain points.

Been toying for a while already with the idea of going to those reputable massage parlour places to unwind and pamper. But on second thought, i think it best not to... I would be a very noisy (giggly, lah) client and i don't fancy the idea of anyone losing his/her job.

*** ***

Is something amiss? I spare little or no thought time/space for you at all but yet i see you in my subconscious.
And it has been persisting. Why?

*** ***

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