Friday, May 06, 2005

lala (updated)

Pweety Red Rose from pweety cute guy Posted by Hello

(oops, sorry if the picture made you giddy. My phone got no *tulip* function.)

Ok lah, ok lah.

There were these bunch of guys giving out roses to promote the grand opening of some beauty centre.

I manage to dodge one guy even after he persisted with a sugary, gentle, sweet tone, "It's free...",
(you see, mommy says never to take things from strangers, even if they are young harmless looking puppies graciously giving out thornless red roses)

but the next guy had a disarming smile when i smirked at him, plus he was placed tooooo strategically outside the MRT station that i just took a rose anyway.

(ah, forgot what mommy said)

If you're wondering why i was smirking at him, it's because i was really amused at the whole thing.

*imagine a buncha guys with big big wooden woven baskets filled with red roses, standing around, concentrated in that little busy few square metres*

Oh yeah, and smirking is just one trademark of mine, so...


I gotta red rose. A pweetty red rose.

*** ***

Please forgive my twin sister. She just wants to feel pampered, so just let her be, ok?

Sigh. I know i'm no where near how happy she is. On the contrary, I'm feeling REALLY sad and REALLY disappointed.

I know what's wrong and I know what i need to do about it.

In everything, I will walk the talk. And that's all i gotta say about that.

(this has nothing to do with rejecting the NTU interview offer)

Till Then.
*Back to you, i need to come.*

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