Wednesday, June 01, 2005


As she lies curled on her mat, nose on her paws, and furry tail on her nose, she wants nothing more than to concentrate on her snooze and to block everyone out.

She knows she shouldn't snap or growl or flash her fangs if one of her beloved owners come by to offer a pat.

But really, she needs her alone-space too after all that play and ruffling of her fur.

Don't be mistaken. She loves her owners to bits, she loves everyone around her, she enjoys their company, the love they shower upon her, the cuddles that come so readily. She can't be any more blessed than she already is.

But sometimes, a dog has her days when she feels she needs a calm, silent time out.

But if you do decide to come by to offer a pat on the head, or a tickle behind her ear, she'll let you but she won't do much but just allow kindly doggy eyes to rest on you.

Please forgive her. The sleeping dog just needs to lie still for a while.

(does not apply to cyber world, though)

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