Friday, October 10, 2003



For those who didn't scroll down my previous blog that was edited and re-edited and re-re-edited...

I will be talking to this man from the FBI stationed at the American Embassy about Police Work after i've garnered all my questions.

However, my mom has advised me to pray about it first. Right, she is.
It was quite a large fishball for my parents to swallow when i told them where my ambition lay. Even when i was talking and spilling out the beans, i felt that everything so not me. Didn't sound like me. Sounded cliche. But i'm not ashamed to say that what i said was really from my heart.

For a while, they didn't take me seriously. How can i blame them? After all, in my years i've aspired to be:

1. A Vet (must go overseas man, and no institute here offers a degree in Vet Science)
2. A Horse Trainer.
3. A Zookeeper
4. A musician in the SYO (Singapore Youth Orchestra) and then the SSO. (But these changed drastically when i realised that the standard they require was somewhere........................ psst, can u see? it's too high for me to see) Anyone who knows Mark Ho from 2SA1 and has heard his tootling on the flute will understand.
5. A nobody, after a while.

Anyway. ARGhhh.
Guess wot. just a while ago, i was a light brown, gold and ash streaked headed PUNK. (now i hear my sister larfing her arse off)
The tad bit too light hair didn't quite sit well with me so i got a DIY darker dye to cover the unbleached streaks. According to the instructions, it wasn't for darkening my streaks, which i wanted to keep. So, i quite happily dyed my hair.


I'm back to goody goody looking girl with dark brown hair and, where are my streaks?!??!?!?!?!?!?
GONE!!! -WAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh-

Never mind. It's only hair.

However, i've learnt one good thing. Garnier's hair dye is good in the sense that it is affordable, has nice smelling conditioner, has a very handy applicator that makes dyeing so easy and is gentle. I like. The colour is more visible over lighter hair but over un-dyed hair, it is a little harder to see.

Oh hi Jan or January (nice name)! Yes, i've spotted your blog on Liangcai's and Alwyn's. Figured out that you were the same person, after all i was led to the same blog. Rather nice blog, i must add. Hee, yes.... we students of Psychology must first go through the trouble but man, i love the subject. Don't you?
Think you're in Uni of Melbourne right? That's a good Uni. Was considering that but i found the fees way over the budget. Is it comfortable there?
Speaking about small world, yes it is. Actually got to know Liangcai while on a tour in the USA and it turns out things have this roundabout way. His brother was in J1 when i was in J2 in ACJC. And a few other things can't really remember. (Sorry dude, for discussing you so openly. he heh heh.)
Thank you for the well wishes for that dreaded Lab Report. Hope i can get a decent mark for it. Them markers in Monash are unpredictable. Actually, i think i just haven't gotten used to the Aussie Uni requirements/standard.

As a Christian, i know that once my life is in God, He will never step away. Seems impossible to conceive especially when we are at our WORST but it's true.
Think about it. Everytime you think you are alone, you're actually not. And the knowledge that a Being higher than me is watching over, is comforting.

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