Sunday, October 05, 2003

Random Thoughts while Studying

Was studying psychology when the itch for the typing came.

Do you know what's ironic? I was studying memory, recollection and forgetting and realised that i couldn't remember what i had just studied.

So then came the gripe about the "Singapore's Brainiest Kid" show. It's quite an engaging show, especially if you're trying to pit your skills against the kids' on the show. You either gawk and sigh when they display their brilliant-cy OR laugh out loud at them when they didn't know something you did.

How do u define intelligence? I'm sure there's an article somewhere but i'm going to go ahead and ramble anyway.

An average person's I.Q, so i've read, is 100. Remember Forrest Gump. He had an I.Q of 70. I'm assuming "person" is referring to an adult. The winner of the show was this Whiz Kid, in MENSA mind you, called Perry Lam, endowed with an I.Q of 130. That brings me to ask, does I.Q increase with age? I Hope not, I Think not. If it does... most of us are ALL pretty slow then. The last time i "checked" my I.Q (can one check one's I.Q accurately? I.Q varies with time, age, place maybe, your other multiple intelligences, and even how much you slept for the last few nights.) it was 120+.
Perry is 11 years old, if i'm not mistaken.

Most of the questions on the show seemed to me to be testing general knowledge, ability to recall those memorizations. Except for the bit where u must race against the clock. Their minds had to work on the double...

So, if these questions didn't really test real intelligence... how did it manage to fish out Perry, who does have the exceptional I.Q? Are the questions actually credible in testing for intelligence? So are we saying intelligence is about being widely read? Is intelligence about how much you can recall to answer those questions?

How do you define intelligence?
I'm sure there's an article somewhere...

Does it occur to you that somewhere among his opponents, there might actually be another kid with an I.Q higher than his but it just wasn't his/her day? Freak incidents like that do happen.

Even to the smartest of smarts.
I'm sure Perry has had his share.
And celebrities still fart.

I'd say 80% of the questions are knowledge based, how much you actually KNOW. Therefore, is the amount of knowledge proportionate to I.Q points? Seems obviously stupid to me.

Want to round up my post with something plausible regarding the matter but my head is in limbo state again. Can't really think.

Oh yes, did i mention that today's weather was so gorgeous? The sky was a pretty blue, the clouds were fluffy and white. There were the high lying ones that stay where they were but change in shape over time while there were the low lying ones that cruised across the skies rapidly as the wind blew... The wind was coldish too! Like Aussie. It was one of those, "Thank you Lord... your Creation is just so beautiful and i wish you could create more days like these" days. You life your head to look at the sky outside your window and just smile. Even as the night enfolds us, the blue sky gone but only from sight, the beauty of the day still remains. Maybe days like these are created so rarely so that we can learn to appreciate them more.

Brings me to the day i went to a little "cafe" at St. John's Island. I went there a lot back in secondary school for leadership camps. There were these wind chimes made from shells that hung from the ceiling and dangled down. They were pretty huge i must add. But when the sea breeze blows, the wind chimes created one of the most pleasing auditory experiences i've ever had so far in my life. It sounded like slow flowing water from a stream... soft-like and mellow. Calming and pleasing to the soul. Wanted to ask the uncle-uncle where he got them from.

Imagining the huge thingy hanging down from my ceiling makes me want to laugh.

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