Wednesday, October 15, 2003

All Right!!!

Hello Peoplez.

Kudos to Alwyn who gave the technophobe the website for the comments thingy! Thanks a lot, it is very much appreciated. Yay!!! Now you guys can leave me more stuff and your messages won't get deleted along the way. Tagboard can offer something nice but not like this!

Hey Liangcai, thanks for that interesting bit of info. Ah hah, so Heaven is another dimension altogether. Yus! yus! I wonder how those mathematicians explain Heaven, the divine place, after all.
Imagine what it's like to be in the 4th dimension? Whee!!!
Or how about 2nd or 1st dimension. Interesting sia~. And the messages... i'm not sure what to say because it's something totally new! Where'd you read it by the way mate? Woah. The bit about plucking messages from the waves is darn supernatural.

Oh, i read Weizhen's blog and i found it really farni and cute in it's quirky way. You funny girl, you.

It's 12:35am now. The rain is pouring fast and furious. But not sure if it it's the kind that lasts for long. But it sure is scary to listen to, but exhilarating.

It's scary because it makes my childhood fears come back.

When i was younger, i would come home from school to find the room doors closed. Not sure why they were closed then, so i used to think that it's because behind the door, the room is filled to the CEILING with rainwater. So whenever i opened the door to peep if dad and mom were home(or if the room was full of rainwater) i would be breathing shallow, creaking the door open ever so slowly and when there was no water to wash me off my feet, i'd open it all the way.
Think "Jumanji" the movie.

Rain is exhilarating.

Once when i was having a Leadership Camp at St. John's Island, the whole bunch of us got caught in the rain at the beach, which was at the base of the island. But man.... i was silently enjoying my wet, wet paradise.

Sat on the bench, open to the pelting rain. Could feel the rain just coursing down my head, onto my face, down my neck, just soaking me up.

Glory... it was so wonderful.

It was one of my favourite places/scenarios to be in. Sitting at the beach, wind blowing cold, staring off into the sea and soaking up the rain.

Ahhh, Paradise.
And the leaders had to spoil it by ordering us all back before we catch our deaths.

Reminder for myself: things of the night
Never mind if you don't get it.



Till Then.
*need to get dog off bed first*

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