Saturday, October 04, 2003

The First (or "last") Post

Hm, really new at this. -prod, prod-

Now, what's next?

Right, let's begin. Thought i'd call this site "thevacuum" for a few reasons.
1. A vacuum cleaner entered my room, sucking up the stuff from the floor. What else do u use a vacuum for.
2. The thought of it striked me as a perfect example of myself.

Ok, so maybe you might associate it with me being a brainless goose complete with a very much empty cavity with a dried prune of a brain rattling in there.

Maybe so.


I've always thought that my life has always been in some limbo. My emotions, direction in life, etc.
Everything seems noisy, blurred, unreal, muffled, jumbled. Whatever goes in, is a mess. Just like the vacuum cleaner.
Things that i say tend to hop from one point to another and then suddenly there can be a whole barrage of words.

Vacuums are defined as an empty space, devoid of any form of object, life form, (yada yada). But then, it also sucks the #%^#!#@$^ out of the atmosphere and whatever else's around. So where does everything go? I'm sure there're scientific explanations but for the purpose of my blog, let's say i'm not as well read as i wish to be so i shall leave it as that. (I shall make THAT my long term goal, and maybe make MY LONG TERM GOAL my long term goal, and maybe...)

I've been debating the issue of starting this blog. For one, i was sceptical. Why. Defeats the whole purpose of writing a diary. I shan't delve into the definition of a diary.
Two, i'd have to write everything twice, since i keep the traditional paper diary. Now that has been a practice since primary school? So you see how much i value the old ways. But then... argh, i will eventually get used to the drill.
Three, it takes up my precious time i can use to mug. ("mug" for those who don't know, is a term we, collectively speaking, students refer to as studying really hard)

But as you can very well see. I gave in. Because the thought of my friends commenting on my blog makes it worthwhile(provided they actually bother to read my writing) and the fact that i can secure a place in the web is an interesting concept. Can "google" find me? Also, I can write all about what God has done for me. That was inspired by an ex-schoolmate of mine.

OK! Now about MYSELF...

Had and still having a good education experience. I'm not a pure "whatsoever-ian" because i have been blessed with the opportunity to go to varied schools.

Primary: Raffles Girls' Pri. Sch.
Secondary: Ghim Moh Sec. Sch.
Pre-U: Anglo-Chinese Junior College
Tertiary: Monash University

I'm proud of all my schools and i daresay that i'm the sorta bloke who loves school unity and camaraderie.

Right now, am doing a degree in behavioural science, majoring in Psychology (the BEST ACADEMIC STUDY EVER, on par with or after BIOLOGY) and Sociology.

Love: horses, all my lovely friends, family. camping. THE SKY AND EVEYRYTHING THAT IT HAS TO OFFER. Band MUSIC, NEw Age, (DAVID LANZ) and books. There's more, but like i said, everything's jumbled..can't remember.

Oh, we just got our new car, our MAZDA 6!!!!!!!!!
Gorgeous baby there, chio as can be.
A lovely silver green though grey is... nice too. Black is nice but too hot to be in yeah. Might just come out steamed or broiled.

Anyway, i think this's enough for now. Time to mug and to collect more thoughts (both academic collecting and for blog content) or waiting for the next whim to give my digits a good workout over the keyboard.

Till Then.
*jumps out the window*

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