Saturday, October 11, 2003

Continuation. Responding.

Oh salutations my dear people.

(hi January, if you're reading this, i wrote something for you yesterday)

I decided to post a new one cos i didn't want you guys to scroll through the other post and filter out the new bits.
See, i'm soooo kind. (okok, dying to kick my butt right)

Hello Alwyn, nice to hear from you! Hey, why wouldn't i mention you? It's my pleasure to interact with you and nice to read what you have to say or comment.
Actually, yes, good suggestion you made about the comments thingy. You see, i'm a technophobe (hahaha) so i have no idea how to do those html thingys. Save for Liangcai who gave a crash course.
Hm, do you have any idea how to install that comment thing onto the blog so you guys can type longer msges? The tag board tends to lose all the previous msges.

Haha... you flatter me about the Police thing. I must first of all get through the 6 or 9 months of training. I've heard of this person who gave up half way cos it was too tough.
Hm, but yes, you've sure given me sights to set on. Maybe one day... i'll be hosting CRIMEWATCH! Hahaha.
ASP Audrey Ang STEP aside and MAKE way for DSP Joline Lim!
(Joline, cease the ego trip)
Yes, about the Psychological Unit. That be interesting. You know there're so many divisions in the Police Force, i'm not sure where i'll be heading. Guess that's what the FBI guy and his friend Renee are there for. To answer this wannabe's questions.
Oh, good that you mentioned it too cos am considering taking one of the psychology modules that focus on counselling.

Hee, yes. I wanted to be a zookeeper. Which animal lover can resist all those animals day in and out? Argh, i can't. And i have this fetish for horses. Plus, i'll be surrounded by nature and everything. So beautiful. Of course there's the downside but with so many animals, i can't complain.
Oh, if you haven't already and want to see my pet dog, click on "My Slavedriver". That was mostly when he was still a pup. Well, he's still more or less that tiny lah.

Don't get a miniature pinscher if you have little patience for a:
1. Thief
2. Havoc Wreaker
3. Grand Prix speed equalivant when he has stolen something
4. Howler
5. Resident curious, ultimate KAY-POH
6. Greedy hog
7. an influx of Ticks!
8. Ferocious Biter
9. Mouthful of naturally sharp adult teeth (normally adult teeth are blunt)

I knew of a family that gave up their miniature pinscher (minpin) after 2 weeks because couldn't take its high powered agenda.

But if you can take all their nonsense, congratulations! You will embark on a very exciting, frustrating and entertaining journey with the pooch. He comes up with some new antic every few days. He's darn intelligent and very human-like. He's eyes are the brightest ever and he absolutely goes wild when you come home. Races around the house, macham F1!

They are loyal, loving, very smart, REALLY acrobatic, regal, handsome dogs. They have a mind of their own. And are NOT lapdogs. Unless, he's
1. Darn sleepy
2. Making use of you

Just today, i was "wrestling" with my dog. This goes like.

I just lie on the bed and stretch my arms out with my palms facing up. He likes to stick his nose into my palm so that i can grab his snout and then he'll proceed to wrestle with my hand.

But as i closed my eyes while he was pulling and chewing, a thought just came.

Besides humans on Earth who exist, there're also animals. And here i was feeling this Life tugging and playing away, very much alive. Muscle, bone, and brain (and more) all working to function. Same as us humans.
However, what runs this animal? As humans we have souls, there's this side of us that is instrinsic and special. Something wonderful. A real Life that continues to live even after death.
But do animals have the same thing? If they don't, it's sad and quite scary to think that this beloved dog of mine is merely just a shell with no soul. Just a life that ceases to exist once the physical heart stops.

Just muscle, bone and brain (and more)... but nothing more.

Good News to myself and all who's reading.
I got a 7 out of 10 for my Psychology Poster. WAH-HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happiness.

Thank you, God.
Oh, Thank you.

I was developing this phobia of receiving results since the first assignment i did.
It was this 1000 worded Sociology essay on GLOBALIZATION (alamak) that i put plenty effort into but i almost flunked it.
It caught me off guard and really upset me for 3 days.

I tell you. Monash Uni markers are scary.

It's 12:16am, time to sleep. But i know i have more to say. Hm... dig dig dig into recesses of mind.

-My episodic memory is failing me at the moment-

My dog's claimed my bed. Sprawled right smack in the middle.

Thank God for Maths C in JC!
Psychology has this whole whatchamacallit... yes, module all on Research Design and Analysis. What is it? Experimental methods and STATISTICS.

Oh, in ACJC i had Miss Phang (oh horror) the Ha**y L**s for my Math C teacher. Ok, i know some people may like her but she doesn't sit well with me, and i think it's mutual.
Why? Simple. I sucked at math and it didn't help that most people around me were ok. And i was always recruited into those Math Special classes for Math bimbos like me. Well, i got a C for Math C for 'A's ok.


Statistics was my BIGGEST headache. In fact, i ended up learning stats mostly all by myself. I gave up on all teachers, and borrowed a book all on stats from the bloody cold ACJC library and studied from there. Of course, i must give credit to my very helpful pals who tried to coach me, even when i got darn irritating. Hm, the book was borrowed for so long, it even became overdue until after the 'A's. :-P

Oh, my form teacher Kelly Koh has gone to Japan to teach English. So drastic. I wonder what made him to *ting!*. I'm going to Jap-land. My cousin who's in swimming and therefore knows Kelly Koh says that maybe he likes Japanese girls. What rubbersquash.

Talking about cousins. My family is one AC family in itself. All my uncles save for one were from ACS. My dad is pure ACSian. My sister was also from ACJC, canoeing. My two guy cousins(Enoch and Ian) were in ACS since primary school to JC and joined swimming. Enoch is in Choir in addition to swimming. So... he was governed by the Koh siblings. You know. Mr Kelly Koh and Mrs Wilson,formerly Miss Valerie Koh. Enoch's in JC2 now. They have two more sisters both studying in MGS.

Me. Concert Band lor.

THE ALTO SAXOPHONE ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have my intermediate Yamaha flute that i kinda wanna trade for a better one because its tone is not so swell. But this flute of mine has sentimental feelings attached to it.

Written Enough.

Till then.
*Hugs Dog to sleep*

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