Monday, October 06, 2003

70% out, 30% work, and Listening to David Lanz, mah Favourite Pianist

First Up:
Kudos to Liangcai for setting up the tagboard! Yay! -applause- That was very much appreciated! Thanks!

Um, went for mua hair cut today at Pamela's new hair salon at Bugis. The ADDRESS IS, 235 VISTORIA STREET BUGIS VILLAGE SINGAPORE 188027.

Reasons for Everyone to go there:
1. It's a NEW place called, "Chapter 2".
2. It's just NEXT to the BBQ Pork store (Bee Chiang Hiang or SOMEthing like that).
3. And the BCH bbq pork store is just where the bus stop opposite Bugis Junction is. CANNOT MISS IT!
4. The concept of the place is cool. Plus Jazz music. Hope they don't change it to chinese music.
5. You get FREE DRINKS. Water and/or Soft Drinks!
6. After your hair cut, you get FREE Neo Prints of yourself and your hair stylist or receptionist if you happen to get a crush on him/her!
8. SHIOK hair wash
9. reasonable prices (unless it's rebonding you want.)

and the TOP REASON why you should go:
10. They use a special kind of scissors that cost a handsome $XXXX for a set.

Pamela is my childhood friend from Monkey Years ago when we used to go to church together. It's great that we still keep in touch. Who would have thought that she would become a stylist one day and cutting my hair as an almost-Pro? WOOOH!

Ok, time to mug. *SMOOOOOCHIE*
Till then.
*somersaults out the window*

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