Wednesday, October 08, 2003

This and That

(Yesterday) I went to Pamela's place to dye me dead cells upon thy head. THANKS GURL! Now i've got new hair colour! Thanks so much.

This is by far the craziest thing i've ever done, besides abseiling and rock climbing among other things.
Not that I've never tried to colour my hair. I've tried it a total of 4 times before this particular episode. And my power black hair still more or less had its reign.

Now my hair is (clears throat): Light Brown, has Ash AND Gold Streaks, Orange-ish, leeme see (takes mirror)... Basically, it's really colourful. And i mean, REALLY. It's not jarringly striking and bright but a tad colourful for my conservative taste. However, DON'T GET ME WRONG. It's not that i don't like it. In FAct, I love it! It's something new, so i'm embracing change and i intend to enjoy it while it lasts.

Everyone at home has seen it, except my dad. Which's quite a scary thought. Don't worry dad, it won't affect my brain cells, my grey matter is still functioning and psychology still makes sense.

Speaking of which, i'm doing my lab report now. Cheem Sturff revolving around a simple experiment on helping behaviour (Social Psych.)

Random Thought:
Which language(s) came first, could anyone enlighten me?
You see. In Chinese, we have "ma ma" meaning "Mummy". And this is almost a "direct translation" of English's "Mummy", "Mama"," Mom", etc. Chinese is a very old language and so is English. So, which one took after the other? You get what i mean? And it's not just Chinese and/or English. Other cultures (which are FARRR from the Chinese way of life and speech) also take on "papa" to address fathers.


It's a rainy rainy day. Been pouring the whole morning. Bleak looking but God is still with me. Rain or Shine, it makes no difference. Oh, i want to recount the time when something was so "uncanny" it had to be God. DUH, of course it was.

One day i was walking home from school when i decided to drop by the condo supermarket (called "Laurels"). It was a bleak-ish looking day which contributed to bleak-ish JC life... Sky was cloudy and grey, wind cold, and it was drizzling. But i just felt so close to God at that point because I felt so close to Nature, God's Creation. A friend mentioned that Nature is (one of?) God's greatest envangelists. So true.

I distinctly REMEMBER tELLING MYself: It's only drizzling. By the time i get whatever i want, it would've stopped by then. FOR SURE.

So, feeling the way i did, (don't LAUGH) I started to sing a little song thanking God for being with me and loving me. Sort of like a "rubbish song" where you add your own lyrics and tune. So when i started walking around the shop looking for nice munchies when suddenly Aunty Gina walks into Laurels and goes,
AG: Hey JO!
J: Hello! What you doin here?
AG: Buying something lah.
J: Oh.
A: Later when you go home, we go home together ok? (Cos she had the brolly with her) It's raining vERY HEAVILY.
J: Huh. What? NOOO LAH! It was only drizzling when i came. When did you come?
AG: Just only what.
J: Issit?
AG: Ya, you go and see.

True Enough.


I. tell. You.

It was uncanny. The things that ran through my mind. It wouldn't rain. DEFINITELY. But it did. And just when I THOUGHT it wouldn't, it DOES. And who comes to my "rescue"? And what was it doing b4 i stepped into Laurels? Praising God.

Believe me. It was such a pour that i really didn't want to be walking around like that in my SCHOOL UNIFORM. I love rain but it was bad enough to make me wish i wasn't in it.

Incidents like these may seem small and insignificant to the 2nd party.

But when you experience the event, it's a sure sign. God is HERE, alive. And REIGNING even here on Earth (ahahah, forgive the pun, not intended though) and not just in Heaven. God is REAL. God loves me enough to send a little human angel to my rescue, at the RIGHT TIME, SPOT ON and not a second too late. Thank You Lord.

I may not have HUGE-IMPACT miracles (eg. instant healing of a broken leg) to share (yet) so i have this one. A simple event in my life but significant nontheless.

*goes back to Psych Lab Report. Maybe will blog later*

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