Saturday, October 18, 2003

Partial Freedom

After i sent my work on its way to the markers' refining fire, i feel a sense of relief... and an anvil has been temporarily lifted off me. -phew- Now comes the next few laps.

1. Study Abnormal Psych
2. Do the Abnormal Psych Interlearn activity
3. Mug for Sociology Paper (crud)
4. Mug Psychology 1B Paper.

Wuh hur hurhurhhurhur.

More stress. And the time frame for each of these aren't very forgiving.

Notice that the weather patterns are something like, rain then shine. Alternatively.

The sky is awesome. Inspiring Awe.

Everytime i see the sky like this. True blue with pretty white clouds, i think how it'd be like to just SHOOT up there in a rocket strapped to my back.
Assuming that the rocket is indestructable that is.

The sky's blue looks so perfect like that, it looks like a solid wallpaper. It's like if i shoot there, i might have to crash through this layer of paper first.

But you and i know it's more than that of course.

All we can see is the the blueness of the sky. And no further. With our naked eye. It's infinity beyond that. How beautiful.
But beneath the blue sky, things aren't so perfect.
Such is this sorry and cruel world.

Hey Alwyn!
I love long comments, so, write away!
I've not heard of that pianist you metioned, the Final Fantasy one. I think the piano cd i have from FF doesn't have the titles and artist. But i'll go check it out.
Although i've shifted emotionally to more happy music, sad songs are still a fav to soak in.
David Lanz's music is not totally sad i agree. It has a more beautiful, touching, gentle and uplifting tinge. I love the piece called "Improvisation: Gli uccelli di Carpi" or "The Birds of Carpi" from the album "Return to the Heart".
If i'm not mistaken, he recorded his music from that CD in Europe, at "landmark settings" in Europe. Amazing what the atmosphere did for his music.
Bleah. Imagine what his music would sound like if he came and recorded his music in the middle of Orchard Road.
Whao.. 7.6sec??? That's Poh Seng Song all right! Hahaha... give the bookworm here a little credit will ya.
He's going pro and trains hard. I don't... and am an ultimate blob, but i am somewhere like 3 seconds behind? As for your class guys... as much as i am a little bit of a feminist, they are guys after all and they're generally faster than girls. What more than this blob!
But i am definitely NO long distance runner. Suck entirely at that. No marathons for me please.
Oh yes, have you heard of this pianist, Keiko Matsui? Ok, her music isn't all sad. It pretty much depends on which album you get. But i was hooked onto the first song i ever heard her play with some other pianist. Some duet.
She came to Singapore LAST YEAR, and i was so darn cheesed... DURING 'A' Levels????!?!?!??! What duh.
Missed my chance to catch her Live.
Her music is classified as somewhat New Age, but Jazz as well.
But some are sad stuff. I think one such album is "Deep Blue". Vaguely remember.
There's this music shop that sells scores of scores. (haha, okok.) They have piano, flute, saxophone... etc. It's a place where music teachers go to for material too i think. That's where i got the majority of my David Lanz piano books. I even ordered them in from the States. Mad Fan, I am.
Honestly, i don't really get a lot of teacher gossip or student gossip in ACJC, because most of the time, i don't mix with the "on" people in school. Most of the time was just caught up with work. Not much of a social life. Which means i haven't heard of Harvinder Singh's record... But man....i don't like Gurmit Singh. Roberta Ng's scary. Lawrence Ang, is Mr. IronMan. He knows my sister. Cos of canoeing.


Immediately after my exams this year, i will be starting my summer semester, it is called. So i'll be doing Psychology 1A. Then i can start on the "main" Psych modules beginning next year, Semester 1.

Maybe will blog later. Gotta plan my syllabus to re-enrol. Aiya, why Monash like dat one.

Might be continued...

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