Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Uh Oh...

It just occured to me that my grandma is going to yodel her house down when she sees my hair.

For those of you who don't know, my grandmother is a pretty scary woman in her ways. Let me illustrate this statement with an example:

Calls for close family ties requires for weekly saturday visits to the granny's place. I was reading or doing something that interested me a lot more than eating. So, granny comes along and nicely tells me that there's bread, tea and fruits for us to eat. By the way, it wasn't a meal or something that everyone had to sit down to eat but the sort like, "if you want, you take". So i let her know ok, but i don't want. This repeats for about 2 or 3 times.
So, since i was doing something that took all my interest away from eating, i didn't eat anything.
Then, she comes by and scolds me saying:

"Do you know that i'm your grandmother?" or, "ni zi dao wo shi ni de ah por mah? wo shi ni de ah por, ni zhi dao mah?"

(non-direct, but this's what she REALLY means) Translation:

"I'm your grandmother, so can you please eat the things i give you? You behave as though i'm a stranger by refusing what i'm giving you to eat."

I understand her kindness and generousity and appreciate what she has done for me.
On the other hand... I can choose whether or not i wish to eat.
Sigh... So she scolds me for not eating. Does that sound weird or what.

OK. Back to writing the Abstract for my Lab Report. (again) It's pretty abstract business writing it too.

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