Monday, October 13, 2003

The Gathering

Hello Liangcai!
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Hello Liting!
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Visit me more often so i know you still exist... CAn't wait to see ya'll this 9th DEc! You know i know la hor. Hee~...

Yesterday, my dad and i had a nice discussion after lunch.

I told him about the dogs-have-no-spirits thing so, the mad creature running around the house could just be an empty shell.
From there we proceeded to talk about the galaxy and Heaven.

I love astronomy.

Do you remember the movie Men in Black?
Especially the last part where the camera zooms out from the scene to the
the Milky Way,
and then some fictionous aliens playing around with our galaxy?

That particular bit got me thinking.

The Universe is SO INFINITE, it probably, ISN'T a Universe. We've been hearing things about it being a Multiverse.


Who would know till some bunch of astrologists are bestowed with this jolly powerful brainwave (that may drive them insane) and come up with the solution to see beyond our Milky Way<--(that's unless i'm way behind astrology news, enlighten me, if you will, if they've gotten past the Milky Way)

Yes, but i've always been fascinated with whatever's beyond our Milky Way. Argh. It's giving me flash backs of a yummy bar of chocolate.

Aw, yes... (how APT!) Listening to Holst's The Planets: Jupiter-Bringer of Jollity. BEAUTIFUL PIECE. The tune is being used for a new hymn. I never knew it had anything to do with it till our ex Vice? Can't remember... ex Vice Principal Miss Gracia Ng of ACJC told us and then proceeded to sing in her dramatic but rather good vocals.

I know ACJC band has played it before. But we never did it any justice. In fact, lately, ACJC band hasn't done many songs much justice.

I speak from experience.

Back to the galaxy. Imagine.
The Space out there is so vast. So vast that everything is left to the imagination or constant speculation. How wonderful!
And everyone has been dying to know the ga-za-ti-bill-mil-lion question, whether we are the only living things in the whole fat SPACE.

When you think how INFINITE Space is, and how SMALL our little Earth is,


The ratio of the Earth to Space is... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

So, imagine. How would other supposed Beings function, look like, think? Do they have technology? Do they wonder about whether WE exist? Do they shoot things into the sky so they can sneak peeks at us too?

Then came the topic about Heaven and Earth.

My dad was saying that Heaven is actually another DIMENSION altogether. So, for all you know, it could be all around us at this very second. I don't know how true cos i have not read it myself but just a note nonetheless.

Has anyone ever read "A Wrinkle in Time"?
It's a book for younger people but i tell you it's REALLY GOOD. REALLY GOOD. It's about a girl called Meg, her brother and Meg's friend who team up to rescue her father who is stuck in another dimension. Her brother is this genius, really, but is "taken" by this Brain thing who has her father captured.
The story unwinds in a very engaging manner. With strange backdrops and characters along the way.
I love it.

Oh. About dimensions. Yes. So we were talking about them.

I said in jest, that if there were a Heaven just for animals, it would be so crowded.

Picture: *sQwak! Sqwakkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* *flap, flap, flap* *Get off thee, thou smelly(foul, haha) Fowl!* *oookk, ook,okkk* *Ouch! now cease the stealing Primate! Just about to bless you with one, just you wait you little rat...*
[dialogue by Saint.(erm...) Peter?]

Then my dad said that Heaven is no physical entity rather it is a whole different dimension. That it may just be all around us. It doesn't take up space.

God is going to have so many questions from me and from all those who died.
He's gonna need a Noticeboard.

Just before i meet my creator, he stops me and says, "Joline, don't ask, for I know what your mind seeks to find. Please go to the noticeboard. If you fail to conceive, then come and seek me and i shall be more then happy to explain unto thee."


Death had been so close.

When i was at the Grand Canyon some 2+ years ago, i was observing this pretty plant along the cliff side.
It just takes 1 shove and i'd be done for.
I was just ONE step behind Death.
It's that simple.

When i stand at the 16th floor, i just have to lean a liiitle bit more, and Death would claim me.

Have to go aid the mommy with the groceries.

Till then.
*Skips out the door...*

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