Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Today is Watch Joline Hurt Herself day!

No, i'm not in any sadistic, masochistic mood (though i do get that sometimes) but for some unknown reason, i've been really accident prone today.

1. My fingers slip and i accidentally slit a shallow cut on my middle finger with the knife while slicing some cheese.

2. I shocked myself with a burn when i brushed a hand on the hot toaster.

3. I walloped my leg against the toilet seat on my way out from the loo.

4. I cut another finger, this time the pinky, on the metal binding rings on my address book. (it's not serious but enough to make it throb)

I am almost fearful of stepping out from the house this stormy day... But i must because i have a lecture later.

Are my tutors that pissed with me and my assignments? Gah...


cynicholas said...

poor you. time to child-proof the house eh?

joline said...


hur hur... but i promise i'm not like that most of the time. Oh by the way, good to hear from you. :-)

Vicki said...

haha maybe its not child proof the house its joline-proofing that she needs lol.

Jed looks sooooo comfortable in the bean bag. I'm so envious

joline said...


Oei! I'm not that hazardous leh... heehee. (ok, fine, you might be right)

Teehee, get one super big one lah, and you can be just as comfortable lying mooshed up in one, justlike him. I think that photo can sell bean bags hor. Hmm.... :-p

chelsea5manutd0 said...

no, it could be that ur tutors think u r a CUT above the rest.

so how was the essay u submitted?

joline said...


AIYO... i going to foam at the mouth already....... HAHAHAHHA. So the next time someone asks us what defines the NTU cell, we have another one to add to the list: Corn Rules.

I'm not sure how i did for my essay cos it's still with my tutor. but according to her, she thinks i scored the highest in class. Sounds like brilliant news but i'm hesitant to celebrate yet since highest could mean a 65, if she's quite strict. (new tutor, so i don't know her style) I'll blog about it when i get my assignment back. Thanks for asking, friend. :-)