Sunday, August 13, 2006

My mind (or is it more than that, i wonder.) has the funniest way with me sometimes.

After the fireworks display at Marina Bay yesterday night, the bridge that links the One Fullerton with the Esplanade became a tight "road" for two-way human traffic. The squeeze was really maddening (having God on my mind to keep me from thinking bad, negative thoughts really works) and my cell mates, another friend and i found ourselves being jostled along one "lane" towards the Esplanade.

I was pretty much minding my own business as i made my way, trying to make sure that i wasn't going to step on kids that were too short to see, step on shoes or kick anyone's heels. (I was also wondering if my hair stank, and if my friend behind me was secretly choking to death.)

Then somewhere along the way, this thought entered my mind and appealed to my conscious decision making processes: "Look to the left (where people were facing my direction as they made their way toward One Fullerton) 'cos i think i might see someone i know."

Lo and behold. Waddaya know.

About half a minute later, a familiar face i knew popped up from the linear mass of unrecognizable people. DAYANA!
We were so excited over seeing one another (the odds!), but noting as how we couldn't stop to talk, we had to keep moving on and away.

I related this to my sister who then asked me: "Did you dream of me winning one billion dollars?"


I'm always having these weird, "coincidental", mind experiences. It's been more than once when particular thoughts would echo in my mind (and/or heart) and then something related to that thought would occur shortly after. But i'm not complaining.

I'm beginning to wonder if it's me just giving these occurences special notice until it feels like it's statistically significant (as opposed to people who've had such experiences but don't think too much of it). Or whether i'm just really........ special odd in that way.

La dee dah. Actually, i really wouldn't mind more of such "coincidences". Wouldn't it be nice to be psychic a prophetic speaker.


I popped into my sister's room to find her playing this xbox game that saw her as a third person character who happens to be a "squirrel" who "kills foes by bravely brandishing a frying pan in its right paw" and "battering the enemies to bloody bits and pieces".

Oh. Kay.


Vicki said...

I believe the xbox game happened to be Conker(the squirrel's name)

joline said...


Woah, you're quite the gamer aren't you! :-P Yep! It's Conker all right. Latest i saw, he was wielding a baseball bat.

Pope @ David said...

ok..we must know the truth now~ (".)
Have u been seeing the Professor?
(Bald guy on Cool-Wheelchair at Special School for the Gifted)



I believe these little promptings that turn into mini-prophecy-fulfillments are His Spirit's way of communicating the gifts he has in-store for(& in:) you~!

joline said...

pope @ david:

Yes... I've been seeing the Professor. Rah, now you made me say it. But i cannot reveal his whereabouts! He's suppose to be... "dead", remember?


Do you really think that it's God's promptings? I would really love to keep pursuing Him and find out if it's true. If only i could just know for sure... then i can better serve Him.