Monday, August 14, 2006

Farewell for E at Jumbo, East Coast.

Did you see this at Sentosa...?


The cousins. (paternal side) and a plate of "Or-nee". However you spell that. I've discovered (actually by mistake) that it tastes SO COMFORTINGLY GOOD. Like the sweet tasting equivalent of a warm, creamy, savoury soup to calm the nerves at midnight.

Jo: "Now we can see who the nuts (tongue flashers) are, in the family...."
Cousin Ian: "Yeah, and that the elder ones are the sabo kings."


Brain's been really over sensitive lately - like this uber highly charged but small lump of neurons that onced poked at, will jump up and furiously zap out little lightning thingys at you.

Stimuli like, too much information, seeing too many of something, too much noise, certain types of music, too little emotional support, has been having odd effects on me. I get things like headaches, or a sudden mad buzzing of questions, or a descending feeling of fear, dread or depression.


Shall i chop my locks, or perm / straighten, or just go for a really good hair treatment. Yuh, i'm feeling all vain and pampery now.

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