Tuesday, August 29, 2006


According to the Flying Dutchman's (Class 95's morniing express DJ) kids, toothpaste is good for drying out, or "taming" pimples. Just apply some on the pimple, leave it overnight and it'll do the job.

Out of sheer curiousity and also because i hardly need to look for pimples on my face, i tried it and wala... Its works. Er, for me at least. NOT recommended if you have sensitive skin and if you think you might disfigure yourself. Try at your own risk.


(i also received this email on the UniSIM student portal and i'm pretty amused because in my stay here in UniSIM, we've so far been all about studies with no play or anything vaguely interesting. But lookie here!)

"Dear Students of UniSIM

The organising committee of the inaugural UniSIM convocation ceremony is looking for students (who have chosen to graduate with UniSIM Award) with singing talent to come forward for an audition. If selected, he/she will receive personal coaching by renowned music composer, Ms Babes Conde. Ms Conde has composed a UniSIM Song with lyrics written by one of our UniSIM academics. So please volunteer your voice and come forward for an audition.

The person we are looking for should preferably be a soprano/tenor. He/She will present the UniSIM song item for the first time, at the inaugural convocation ceremony to be held on 25 September. "

I don't have a singing voice. :-(


lakeside girl said...

Yes, i've discovered this nifty little trick a while back and it works for me too!

Especially for those red-abt-to-burst zits.


joline said...

lakeside girl:

Oh really? Cool beans! How'd u found out? yeah, it really soothes the bumpy red ones. I just hope it won't make out faces develop anything over time... Since it's not pimple cream after all.

lakeside girl said...

No worries, just apply reallyy sparringly. Like one dot! Haha. Oh i found it in like Cleo or HerWorld (can't rem). It was one of Zoe Tay's beauty tips. *blush*

joline said...

lakeside girl:

oh... in that case i wonder how Zoe Tay figured it out. "ARGH! PIMPLE! MUST. TRY. SOMETHING. Toothpaste?" *squirt*
A most wonderful tip, nevertheless. :-)

Eliss said...

serious...? Wah now i shud go and try it also.being getting pimples cos i am always wearing mask the whole 8 1/2 hrs i m working.Arghhhh i want to quit my job....i dun want pimples!!

Eliss said...

seriously i wonder how i m going to be in this line forthe rest of my life...really dread going to work.no passion no motivation no sense of satisfication so stressful some more.

joline said...


Hm... Since you've got sensitive skin, i'm not sure if it's safe for you. Maybe try in a place tt isn't too conspicuous... But i wld worry if your skin reacts adversely.

I'm not sure how to advise you on your job though, but perhaps during this bond you could save up and then do a course related to something you wld much rather be doing?
But other than that, what is it that makes you dread going to work?

Vicki said...

btw Babes Conde is the lady that does the singing arangements for the Singapore Idols.

joline said...


Yeap! So high profile celebrity in our humble school hor.