Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dominic tells me that the song isn't titled "When the Music Fades", but it's actually "Heart of Worship". *chuckle* So, i guess that's not so bad after all, aye.

Presenting... My PINK PICKS! I *heart* you much much.

I got this pair at Peninsula Plaza yesterday at a small guitar shop next to Davis. I can't remember what the shop's called though. The light pink one's 0.46mm thick while the dark pink one's 0.71mm.

It wasn't like i meant to get them in this colour but it was because most of the other picks were either too thick, the purple ones were sadly too thick too, and the others didn't feel comfortable between my fingers. Still. To me, they look absolutely purdy and er... Edible. Kinda reminds me of the strawberry flavoured cream inside "Hello Panda" biscuits.

But yes i do like pink. (something i would not have readily admitted to while in kindergarten, because i wanted to prove that i was different, and not like the "other girls".)

As usual, lameology prevails between Gem and i as we strode out of the shop... If you were there, you'd hear nonsensical lines like these being shot back and forth between the both of us in our attempts in trying to outdo one another:

"I am picking picks"
"I'm being picky."
"Pink Picks!"
"I'm being picky while picking my picks"
"I'm being picky while picking my pink picks"
"The pinks picks were being pickyly picked by the picky picker"
"The picky picker's pinky was pickyly picking the pink picks"
and so on

I think he won. So bad hor, pick on me.

(just kidding! don't be mad!)


chelsea5manutd0 said...

oh no jo, so picked (piqued) by the corniness of ur jokes!

wr said...

*eyes roll*
Good one there Euge~! XD lol~


to jo:
Aye, no worries.. I'm just picking a lil' "fight".. :p

Was tickled by those "strawberries" too >.<

Dominic said...

Heya, all the best in learning new songs and new chords as well.

[clears throat] Does being picked on de-pick (depict) that there's picky people around?


Min said...

Good on you for picking pink. Heh!
I think pink is such an unjustly maligned colour.

joline said...


ah! There we go! Another pick joke!


Ok. Just no nose picking.

Hee. Cute right, my "strawberries". I'm in danger of eating and choking on them.


Thanks Dom. ;-) I think i learn better when the more experienced people demo to me, though books are of some limited help.

Ha, we have another pick joke contender!


Maligned by socially constructed ideas of sisi-ness. I wonder how it all began. Mmmm...

eugene said...

yah there're lots of gd jokers around. u can take ur pick.

joline said...


Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...*foaming at the mouth already*