Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm just about wrapping up the essay that i've been working on for the last two weeks. *huge backhand swipe across forehead* I'll be able to send it off tomorrow by morning. Oh, thank God.

I know that despite putting in so much effort into it, i'm kind of sure that it isn't of 3rd level standard, and so probably isn't worth the 'A' that i would so love to have. An 'A' isn't only about pleasing the parentals but it also serves the instrumental function of giving the transcript a face lift. I NEED the 'A', it's really not just about wanting it.

Don't really like attending social psych tutorials really. My tutor hasn't quite got the human touch with the way she handles us, though she says she loves to teach (we only got that nugget of info after coaxing her to share a bit about herself). As much as i feel like doing a disappearing act, i know the law abiding side of me says that i cannot afford to do that. Poo.


eugene said...

hey jo,

many oft people finish essays and they really dun think it deserves an A, but they get the A in the end and they r so joyfully surprised. Credit will be rewarded. Hand it in with a positive and expectant spirit. I have faith in u.

joline said...


Hey Eugene... I most certainly hope that that'll be the case esp after all the sweat and tears. Thanks fellow brother for the encouragement. :-)