Tuesday, August 15, 2006


A simple two lines worth of an essay question is driving me up the wall! There're just too many issues to consider (but the tutors want to see it analyzed so what can we say against that?) and the information i've gleaned off the book and readings is scattered like hundreds of hard seeds on a cement pavement.

So do i address ALL the issues but only cursorily, or do i pick a few and address them in depth? Or should i try to be a heroine and pao-ka-liao everything to the best of my ability? I tell you, it's driving me NUTS. I'm seeing so many articles, juicy pockets of info, but to make sense of them within an essay, you'll need to at least explain it to some extent. But you cannot (or rather, i don't see how) do all that in just a meagre 2000 words!



eugene said...

well, welcome to the club.

but u're being trained to condense tons of information into concise, coherent and comprehensive argument, which i think is an important skill both academically and also applicable to the working world. if it were so easy to simply cut and paste everything in depth, we would remember and appreciate less of what we have learnt in the process. i'm sure u'll write a great essay in the end!

joline said...


Yeah. I agree with that and I must say it has really been some really painful process. I find myself so fed up at the lappie that i stop and take a 2 hour nap on the sofa to stop the incessant buzzing in my head. Hur.

ivan aka วัน said...

Hey, keep the cool...pray hard about it

joline said...


Trying, and i have... Respectively. Thanks Ivan. :-) Ah, it's a new day... Hope i can accomplish something without getting frazzled again, cos the deadline is next week liao with another assignment due close behind.

mimosa said...

the trick is to look like you read alot, when you actually only have time to read the readings enough to determine if they are useful to you or not.. haha..

looks like sch is hitting all of our cell mates full blown with the essays and assignments... anyway, maybe it helps to give a brief overview, but focus on a few main (and good strong pts, justifying them as you go along). Bottom line is, you won't and can't read all the books in the universe, and you can't be expected to.. so don't worry too much about perfection, but create a work that you can be satisfied with, that stands for your hard work (which i know you always put in for your assignments) :)

joline said...


Okay, points noted. Just want to give it a really good shot since it's the first essay for the semester, and i cannot afford to do badly for each assignment either due to the marking system.

I'm concentrating on addressing the question the way we're expected to at this level, so i guess it's adding that pressure on me.

Muahah haha, and congrats on the first interview. I hope that you've since gained some greater confidence for future interviews to come your way!