Thursday, August 24, 2006

From what started off as a need to stop the scalp from itching due to humidity as well as to get a different look... Ugh! Short hair is not me. Remind me never, EVER, to chop my long hair to a short crop again. Neh-verh.

Now to just wait for it to grow out a leeettle beeeet.


I opened up Windows Media Player and decided on a little Corrinne May for her beautifully tender, light but still soulful singing and deep chord striking, honest, lyrics. Not forgetting also the awesomely touching song melody compositions and score arrangements.

Then i remembered she had a blog... And i teared a little when i read this post that she wrote.

Makes me wonder about the state of my own heart. But is it? Or is it my own attitude of laziness? Then again. Is it my own fears within his society?


Once Hady is eliminated from Singapore Idol, we are more or less... Done. No hope. Gone. I once supported Jonathan Leong, but to me, he could only hide his flaws for a while before showing that he isn't quite up to scratch.


Cartoons of the Old (80s-90s)

It all started when KL sent me the link to a Gummi Bears youtube video... Then i figured: Hm... would there be any My Little Pony videos? And OH YES there were... There were even some longer length-ed episodes for fans of the old school cartoon. Now imagine cuteness! giggly-ness! corny jokes!! in the original cartoon... But then... i came across THIS ONE: "Apocalypse Pony"

Yes, yes, morbid i know... Heh, just like me. Cannot stop laughing liao.

*walks off still giggling wildly to herself*


Pope @ David said...

by the way,

nice hair-do
& colour-coordinated purple spring-hair-band ^^

Understandable though, when u say it's warm cos can't tie-up nicely >.<

i'm sure u'll find a way to do "climate control" at home :)

joline said...

pope @ david:

Thanks for being the dutiful significant other... AHHAHA, saying the right things so that i don't claw you eh? teeheheehhe. Kidding lah. Thank you. *beam*

Don't know if you had this thing in TPJC too among the girls, but around J1 (for my year), the spring hairband was very 'in'. And of course, what other colour would i get it in. ;-)