Monday, August 28, 2006

Today's papers featured an article about how this young girl of only 19 years contracted HIV from her steady boyfriend. He didn't know he contracted it from the multiple partners he had had before and now it's been passed to her. The article also went on to elaborate on how people assume that just because someone looks "decent" and is in their social circle, they're "clean".

As much as i really feel like going: "Serves you right for having premarital (and very likely, unprotected) sex" (pardon me for my harsh words because i've an almost murderously firm stand against premarital sex) A bigger part of me feels really upset about how at their young tender age, they've already been given a death sentence... Unless a miracle happens in their lives. Not only do they have to deal with the darkness of ill health looming ahead, it's also going to be a stigma that they'll carry around with them in the years to come. And that cannot be easy. No, it can't.

If people would just curb their carnal desires and abstain, they'd save themselves a lot of complications should the tides change.


Min said...

Married people aren't immune from HIV either though...
It's really a matter of monogamy rather than premarital sex.

Joline said...


Yep, i agree that that is all too true as well. In cases within a marriage, monogamy is one factor that would curb the contraction of STDs.

In this day and age though, it is rare to marry and have an immediate monogamous relationship with the first person we dated. Very likely, we've been through more than one relationship.

Therefore in a context set outside of marriage where sex is premarital: if one were monogamous in a current relationship, diseases may still spread if one had a few prior relationships that involved sexual activity, even if also monogamous in each one of them. In effect, more than one partner was involved. One also cannot control the past experiences of the other party. To be safe from diseases, emotional pain, unwanted pregnancies, guilt, addiction, shame, stigma, etc, and anything unforeseen in the future, abstaining might be a good consideration.

But holistically speaking, i do agree that monogamy and abstinence both have a part to play at different times and situations.