Sunday, August 27, 2006

Gah... i wrote 2 looongggg drafts in about 2 hours and now i'm wondering whether i should even publish them! On first thought, sounds like a waste of time, but on hindsight i think that what i've written and saved is something that needs to be penned down for reference in future. So... time wasn't wasted.

Anyway, i had such a blast yesterday. Er, that pretty much sums up the 2 long drafts. And no, i didn't do anything way crazy or anything.

Spending time being still and quiet before my Creator as well as yakking, guitar-ing and singing songs with my NTU cell people really just makes my whole entire day.

Since you cannot bring Earthly possessions to Heaven, i wonder if guitars exist in Heaven. I mean, does God approve of some kinds of man-made creations? Can strum, pick,and sing song mah. Heehee.
And how about harps? You know, you always hear of angels and harps.
It's kinda neat to think of heavenly beings playing an instrument that you get to see and play on Earth.

Does that make you wonder where the inspiration to craft harps, on Earth, comes from? Mmmmm.

Or, or, maybe God already put in Man the ability to create instruments that are already being used in heaven?

Or... Maybe God has way cooler instruments up there. Mmm....


Pope @ David said...

WowWee :D
Hope your family and neighbours managed to sleep peacefully to that impromptu worship session heh ;-)
Glad u all had a blast!

ah... wonder if in Heaven, they have jazz and pearly saxophones too! XDXDXD


that silhouette of Jed does resemble a seal or sealion indeed haha :D

joline said...

pope @ david:

Er... the funny thing was that my family slept well even when we were jamming with two guitars and 5 voices, but got disturbed only when Jed started yelling away when he wanted to come out and bark at everyone.

HAHA. Gosh, you never know! How did jazz come about i wonder. Is it a fusion of two kinds of music?

Heh, yeah, i agree with you. I took that photo because he had this really sleek look going on and i thought he looked rather cute in that totally relaxed position. The sleekness prolly makes him resemble a seal. Heehee.