Friday, August 11, 2006

The SAFRA Sheares Bridge and AHM Run...

There's this dog in the next block that needs either some form of K9 Kounselling or someone to just give it a warm hug and constant reassuring pats on its head. The depression stricken fella has been punctuating the air with its baying and bellowing, howling and wailing for hours on end already.

I hear things like: (and some plausible translations)

"Aiii-woorrr....." ("the Aiwa player sucks")
"Ohh worrhh......" ("Oh, woe is me")
"Ooooorrrhhhhh......" ("Oh... Bad joke!")
"Ahhrroooowwaaarr...." ("Matt from Funniest Animals should be shot!")
"Arggggwoooaarrr..." ("I'm dying...")
"Arf!-rooowwoooooaarrrr..." ("That poodle is cute!" )
"Rooo... ooaarrr...." ("But i'm all alloooonnneee... *bawl*")
"Ahh-ooorrrrrhhh..." ("Hey, another cutie eye candy!")
"Wooff! Wooooaaaah...." ("I give up...")

It either finds joy in singing to some CD song its owner left in the player, or in conversing with other dogs from another dimension, or is crying foul over bad jokes on Planet's Funniest Animal Videos or it's experiencing some major separation anxiety.

Headache inducing man.


hawhaw, soo keewwttt, the leetteeell koochee baybeee.

*head explosion*

i love animal videos. Now where's Jed, i wanna squeeze him.


To run or not to run?

Online, it seems to say that registration is closed, but today's papers states that it's still open. There's a leisurely 6km and 10km non competitive run, which sounds very appealing to me. Hrmmm.... Decisions.


Eliss said...

cant understand ur last post at all....btw i didnt go the library sale too.haiz

joline said...


Yeah, i was just making things up. (about the dog)
And each entry after the "***" is a random one that i thought i'd just blog down during different parts of the day.

how come u didn't goooo?