Friday, September 01, 2006

"Language is a medium for communication... but it does not come just as a product of relationships but is also formed as a result of relationships..."

"DING DONG-NG-NG..." The doorbell chimed. *Cue mad dashing around the house* Ahem, home wear isn't the most decent, you know? So, Thinks: Who's that? Peers through the peephole: Postman. That can only mean one thing. THREADLESS TEES ARE HERE! Presenting, freshly arrived and un-ironed.

Fossil Fuel, by Graham Dobson.

Happy Hospital, by Yoann Plard.

Obi Wan Kerisst, by Jens K Styve.

Now that this tee has arrived, i'm wondering if this tee will go unworn in public... Will i get some religious people pulling me aside to issue a warning, or will i get into trouble with the law or something. You know how particular our gahmen is about maintaining "religious harmony", especially with the recent controversial madness over cartoon drawings of certain religious icons.

Personally, when i saw this tee the only words that jumped out at me was: Jesus, my Hero/Saviour. Of course, not without a touch of humour.
Ok, i admit the former (the "Hero" bit) was utterly cheesy but in all honesty, that's the message i'm getting.

This leaves me with three questions:
1. Are my thoughts and worries unfounded and i should just go ahead and wear it... Big deal.
2. The fact that i'm actually worrying over a t-shirt design in relation to the society i'm living in spells something, doesn't it? The want for free expression comes with... fear?
3. Or is it genuinely a serious issue?

Ok, all this sounds a little silly... But, what do you think?


Eliss said...

it is too late now. I am too settled to go back to study just to get another job.i cant go anywhere with my diploma it is too specialised.haiz. i know what u are going to is nv too late blah blah. But it is not physically.. it is pyschologically. I dun want to go back to poly with a bunch of kids as my classmates.

Hippiho said...

Go ahead and wear it lor.
It might b interesting if sumone really come up to you and ask you about yr tee.

Liangcai said...

Wear it ;) It's interesting to see the different interpretations.

joline said...


I can understand that. I'm sure that you've moved on from that phase enough to decide that you're not going to go through it again. In future, there may be opportunities to further your studies, and it need not be in a poly. Many adults do this too, but of course it will take some planning and sacrifices... So.. Hm. Lets see how you view your options after your bond, yeah.


Wa, good to hear from you after all this while. :-) Thought that you disappeared liao. Eh... I hope the person who comes up to me will only ask where i got it and nothing more intimidating than that.


Ok, i will, maybe on a day when i feel most nonchalant. You'll be surprised at how silly-jittery i can get at the most retarded things. Yeah, it'll be really interesting to get responses and I'll gladly tell the person what i really think about it too. Lalala.

mimosa said...

Hmm... maybe you can don the shirt anddo street-e. Great conversation starter. Haha..

joline said...


Wahahahha... Good point, actually. @.@