Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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I received these smses from a friend from my keyboard class (it's been some time ago and they still sit in my inbox), and i thought i'd share them because they're really meaningful:

First one:
Only God, can turn
a mess... Into a message
a test... Into a testimony
a trial... Into a triumph
a victim... Into a victor

Second one: (she sent me this during Easter and i just loved the simple phrases that yet meant so much because it just captures the very essence of who Jesus is in just 3 short sentences)

His Destiny was the CROSS,
His Purpose was LOVE,
His Reason was YOU.

*** ***


Some time ago, i think, last year, i decided that i wanted to try/re-learn blading. Since my family would go to Pasir Ris some certain sundays and since the blades in the home needed to be taken out for a whirl, dad and my sis became my blading coaches at the same time. I was never any good on blades because my sense of balance on just, two rows of straight lined wheels, was pretty poor. I had no confidence on ground that wasn't completely flat too.

But strangely, before the day we adjourned to said park, i had a dream that night, that i was blading with NO difficulty whatsoever. My balance was perfect, there was confidence in my rhythm and gliding, and what a joke! I could even do tricks while on them blades.
I could actually FEEL very tangibly the emotions going through me as i moved with the sense of smoothness and perfection in balance in the motion.

(sunday morning)

*clicked on dad's blades and stood up shakily like a newborn calf*
*Thanks lucky stars that there was a little area of flat ground on an otherwise hilly-ish park*

Ok, for the most part of the beginning, i was trying to blade based on previous knowledge and also on the physics of what was happening there and then and so was trying to figure out how not to topple over. Altogether, it was ungainly though i was moving.

And then i remembered my dream and for some reason, i decided to tap into that dream, tapping into that really vivid and fluid sense of ease in the motion and tried to recreate that confidence. And before long, i actually felt my feet obey me, and i found myself moving, gliding like how i was SUPPOSE to.

I was REALLY surprised at what was possible! I cannot even begin to describe the feeling of bringing an unreality into reality and seeing it work for you. Bringing the (un?)consciousness into consciousness.

So, the next time someone says to you: IN YOUR DREAMS AH!

They might not be too far wrong, eh?


Oooo... So maybe, just maybe... .. My dreams of owning that soprano saxophone was actually my inner fortune teller speaking?
(please please please please please!!!)

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