Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I hate Wrigglys

Today, mommy decided that she would fry us some keropok ("koprok" as dad once mistakenly pronounced it as. I laughed myself silly because it sounded so alienly funny.).

After she did the frying, being the neataholic of the home, she decided to open up and probably had in mind to clean out one of the many metal tins we had stashed at the back kitchen. (inside contained uncooked keropok)

Lo and behold, when she opened the metal tin's circular cover, according to her:
"A MOTH flew out!"

Think about a moth flying out into your face as you open up a tin not really expecting to have anything LIVING in that tin to begin with. *gag*

Now, i didn't see this happening but i was apparently told this when she walked out from the back kitchen to the sink where i was and held in her arms was that disgusting moth-housing tin, with the lid off. As she spoke, she drew out one dried piece of was-keropok.

"YAAAAAAAAARRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! There must've been worms in there and when they matured, they flew out when you opened the tin!"
Smarty Pants Jo exclaimed in both fascination and horror.

And with that, she tilted the was-keropok-now-feeding-larvae(maggots?)-piece-of-***p in my direction such that my vision was given the honour of being transfixed upon that wriggly, juicy, white entity with a black spot on each end for a head and butt.

Smarty Pants Jo was now reduced to Screamy Jo.
I screamed/yelled bl**dy murder as mom shut the tin and prepared to throw it down the chute. But no... Horrified as i was, fascination took over me and i decided that i WANTED to see the rest of the maggot family.

Thinking that i was going to be safely staring into the tin without having contact with those disgusting creatures, i took a tablespoon and reopened the tin.

And once more, my vision was greeted by another juicy white wriggly crawling along the side of the tin's interior. Needless to say, i was jumping up and down and yelling in excited disgust and flinging my arms about as if the worms had gotten onto my skin.

Steeling myself, I leaned over the opening of the tin to get a glimpse of the rest of the family... But promptly jumped backwards again because i promise, i SAW A FREAKING FLYING THINGY hop up and down and back into the tin again.

I am SO NOT going to breathe in wormy carbon dioxide saturated air and have flying creatures zoom up my nostrils.

Having screamed enough and having had my adrenaline fix (cheap thrill, huh?) for the day, i prepared to hammer the lid back onto the tin. Holding the lid aloft preparing to shut it for good, i turned to the tin once again only to find that centimetres away from the opening, a wriggly had managed to crawl out.


Gingerly handling the lid with my arms held out far from me, i covered the tin back and with great awkwardness, managed to wrap the relatively large tin within a plastic bag before tossing it down the chute.

*shudder* Worms, caterpillars and snails bring out Screamy Me. *shudder*

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