Sunday, August 07, 2005

*looks around*
Ah... Haven't blogged in... 3 days? I know that isn't a lot, but even i get bored with seeing my own previous post sitting there staring back at me.
Oh, i do love comments and so, a big thank you to the readers who have been so nice as to liven up this blog with your opinions and experiences.
*Hooray to you from mua!*

*** ***

I just don't know what to do with myself!

I am... frustrated, happy, dreamy, procrastinating, tired, energetic, lazy, panicking, hopeful, waiting, disappointed, seeking, shoving away sad thoughts... What else?
I'm a whole jumble of states of mind and body.

And it's causing this gloomy cloud to hang over me. But, no matter. I shall proclaim myself mentally sound to deal with all of these little bug bears.

*** ***

Had a little chat session with my worship leader/pastor today, and i've got to say that she's so down to Earth, so tactful, so lovable and loving, so intelligent, and so unpretentious. Gotta love her!

All seems to be looking good with respect to my route in the music ministry. Though i think i won't yet state the options that are being proposed because it's not been solidified yet. That said, i'd have to concede that the currently presented options are looking pretty good.

YAY! I will finally be moving forward in the worship ministry in a way which, at the moment, seems to be the best way to express my worship and service unto the Lord.

Have always wanted to do something worth the while, to honour God with what i've been blessed with. I never really made a move about it because i either never felt part of the church community to go forward to serve, or because i was just stubborn.

All that changed when i joined my current cell group (you guys are the best!) and somehow, with a little encouragement and persuasion, with prayer and consideration, i decided to take the plunge. And so here i am, starting out on a new route in my life, in addition to the ones i'm already walking on.

Till the time when God calls me to serve in another area, if ever, music ministry it shall be.
I think i'm really going to love doing my part to serve. Ladeeda...!

In all my 2 decades of existence, i've never played in bands, other than the conductor-stand-in-front type of band. But now, i'm going to be playing with a drummer, electric guitarists and vocalists.

How new! How exciting! How dynamic! How... Odd!

But i think i'm going to enjoy this. Hooray! Woodlee doo!

*** ***

Will update when/if i can. Strange feeling of having loads in life to talk about, but also, having so few words to tell the world.

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