Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Take up space oni

I just discovered that people with no photo editing skills whatsoever can fiddle around with peekchores too. Just by making some ready made program do the work. All i need to do is simply click, click, click. Yeayyy.


I am having so much fun that i'm not done with some shots so... these're here to just share stuff i've come across.

Close up of this plant that i find rather unnerving, as you shall see below. It looks like it is diseased or something. But the outgrowths are just simply more leaf buds. Whatever you call 'em.

Eeew. :-S

My baby.

I sneaked up on him to take photos. Thank goodness he's not a grumpy dog that snaps when disturbed.

Took this one when i realised that the way his ear met his paw in the original photo's angle looked like a dog head already, so well... i couldn't help my itchy fingers.

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