Tuesday, August 09, 2005

One of the reasons why my past relationship messed up big time was because of immaturity and another was because man, i delved in too deep with the questions.

After reading a number of her posts, i see that common trait we share... And that is, Jealousy.

Well, because i don't want to cut and paste and well, get horribly flamed for plagiarism, here's Finicky Feline's Post on Ex-Girlfriends.
(oh, if she updated her blog, then just look for the post entitled "Ex-girlfriends", which shouldn't be too far down.)

I know i stand by the truth and nothing else ever appeases the heart and mind, but truth. So, while she says that guys should just say those pleasing words despite how he really feels...
That's where i don't quite agree.

- Because i admit to be the jealous sort... I would still love to get those *ahem* recommended answers from the future dude if those questions ever leave my mouth...

- Honestly? I was inwardly CHEERING her on as the words rolled on by. Guys, you don't know what kind of dynamite lies under our feminine exterior!!! *ROARR!!!* *unsheathes sharpened claws*


He shouldn't say those things just so that he can be let off the hook, but the basis on which those replies stem from should really be because he has REALLY dealt with ALL the skeletons in the closet
So that when he finally answers...

He can, YES, freely give me that big fat answer (i quote from her) "YOU, OF COURSE." and "NO" (with respect to the questions), with all the confidence, assurance and honesty, with no hint of the fishy and stale secrets still stashed and left behind somewhere.

*** ***

Realistically speaking, is it ever possible to fully get over someone you've loved before, given that the break up wasn't a "if i don't leave you now, i'm so going to murder you" type.

Perhaps i am selfish and still immature...?
Or maybe i'm the type who just needs a lot of emotional support and assurance. I, for one, know that i am no bundle of steel nerves when it comes to matters of the heart.

But the most realistic scenario that my tendency-to-jealousy-heart can allow, is that...
It's ok to keep memories of the ex, but it's NOT ok to keep the ex in the heart.

Look, if you're truly in love with someone else, i don't see why the ex should linger around in the heart. It's definitely not a good sign and that alone has implications.

And if there're still issues unsolved, please don't go and break someone else's heart by clinging onto the relationship but harbouring all the things from the past.
You ought to be shot if you do that.

This world has enough pain festering all around already.

*** ***

Funny how girls can get sooo riled up about the other girl, in cases where they don't even know each other.

(girlfriends disliking ex-girlfriends and vice versa)

I don't want to sound self-righteous but frankly, ever since getting over history, i've kept telling myself that if i ever get to meet the ex's girlfriend, i shall die-die be nice to her and die-die be happy for him. It's probably going to be a teeth gnashing effort but hey, that's how i think it should be.

*** ***

By the way, i am *raising my eyebrow* over this oddness of receiving Birthday wishes that're meant for the country.
Eg. Happy National Day to you!

Okok, i know, we're all in this nation together, and we're all contributing in some way, so by right, we all are part of this birthday celebration.
(as the sissy says: Well, you could think of it as, why people wish each other "Merry Christmas".)

Ok... Imagine though, your friends coming up to your mom and dad and saying: "Happy Birthday!"
On YOUR birthday.

*hmm...* Is there something wrong with that analogy? Sounds a little strange.
Hah, me's never good at analogies.

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