Saturday, August 20, 2005

I miss archery. My bow sits against the wall at the side of my room, just waiting for its mistress to take it out for a field trip.

Patience, my dear... You and i will go inhabit the outdoor range when the holidays roll over... When the national team leaves for the SEA Games, ah, then we shall have a good time, you and i.

I miss the drawing, the aiming and the power of the release and seeing my arrow land on the target with a... a... Hm, i've forgotten the sound already. ACK! I miss shooting.

Ah, patience.

*** ***

I am a walking concoction of emotions, and well, i gotta say they're all balancing themselves out.

I haven't much to blog really. Perhaps it's because i am happy. And being happy kind of erases the turmoil of thoughts and the processes themselves, so yeah. Here i am, talking about zilch, nada, null.

Was thinking of posting up a photo post, but again and again, i am reminded that i haven't gone on a photo trip yet. Think i will bring the camera along with me the next time i go out, just so that i can catch whatever that in turn catches my eye.

Wish i could shrink cumbersome items into Mini Me sizes and put them into a little pouch bag of sorts. Each time i need to use any one of them, all i'll have to do is pick it out, blow on it or something, then it's expand to its normal size, so that i can use it.

Things to do after the exams:

- go to the BEACH.
- Watch sunsets/sunrises.
- go on photo trips. (which includes exploring Singapore)
- get work.
- go to the zoo.
(hey! maybe, i should get work at the zoo, if they, er, want me. I have experience picking up poop everyday! Or maybe i'll work at the souvenir shop or something where i think they sell items at rip off prices...)
- shop.
- Do all the routine exercise stuff i've been deprived of. I hate running but i miss it. (told you that i am mad) And hit the gym and pool!

(more later)

This list is here so that if i ever so much as utter that i have nothing to do, well, here's the pre-exam post-exam to-do list.

Trying to get into the rhythm of sleeping normally these days, which shouldn't be all that hard since i like to sleep.
Arrr, my eyes have been taking such a beating they don't deserve this year.

This is such a rubbishy, zero post. But it's going up anyway.

Oh and YEAAHHHH...
SPS!!! *muaaaakkk!*

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