Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Somewhere, in a not so distant land, something unpleasant is happening and it's a precarious situation. It's tugging at the heart of someone dear to me and so it looks like she's going to leave us sooner than i had hoped.

I'm trying to occupy my mind with happier thoughts, the plus points and the reasons that justify why it is all right that she should leave. But amidst that itself, i am also trying to keep in mind, the fact that the chances of her return is close to zero.

I am thinking of everything else, just so that my mind wouldn't pick up on that emotionally touchy issue, that sore, sore point, because i know that once i begin to mull over it, it will immediately dissolve me into tears.

It can't be right. Dealing with pain by shoving it away. I'm suppose to face it squarely right?

I think it's all this pride i have. Crap. I should learn how to not be afraid to cry freely in front of people when i can't hold it back anymore. (of course when appropriate lah.)
Shoot, i should learn how to be less reserved about letting myself look silly/ugly, because it means that someone else will see and know and feel that they are loved and will be missed.

Sometimes, words are just not enough you know?

Goodbye, So long, Farewell, AG. Thank you for the past 15 years that you've been here with us. We've been through so much together, and you've become like a sister to me, and i am so grateful for all the things you've done for us and for all the sacrifices you've made.
For all these years, you've been here to take care of us, doing a million and one things around the house that we've taken for granted from time to time.

You've seen me grow up from the time when i was a mere primary 1 school going kid to the young adult that i am today. For everything that you have done, i want to say: "Thank You".

God Bless and may the Lord keep you. I will miss you loads.

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