Monday, August 01, 2005

HELLLOOOOOOOOO EVERYONE!!!!!!! (felt like saying that. it feels like ages since i last blogged though it's only been... 3 days?)

Thanks for all your replies pertaining to the previous post. Appreciate all your input and i respect your views. :-)

(to some of ya'll: i left you a reply after yours but you haven't replied back leh! Ok ok lah, but i understand that if it's probing in too deep, than i will drop the subject.)

*** ***

This is a picture of Jed trying to sleep on a miniature arm chair. He's kind of squished behind mummy (he insists on occupying the space between our butts and the backrest).

His little wee head poking out like that was just too cute not to snap a photo.

Mummy grows Jed's rightful devil horns. He's my little devilish angel.

Had we known his character earlier, we'd have called him "Bandit", so says my sister.

*** ***

Saturday was both nerve wrecking (because I is social wallflower) and pleasant because i finally got to meet the friends (a large group, mind you) in the flesh. Putting names to faces and HAH! Good thing i did my homework even before i got to study them on your lappie. *wink*
So, it wasn't TOO much of an information overload.

They sure are a totally hilarious group, tickling the funny bone, all with the right frequency. I'm MORE THAN glad, i am mortally RELIEVED that we managed to get off with just a few harmless, non-controversial photos.
Yay! *muah hahaha*

(yes, i heard a few chants for a forfeit... Did you?)

*** ***

And finally, a "proper-sit-down-and-eat" birthday dinner with my library gang Ring Leader, XH, on sunday evening. It's always wonderful to meet up with my girls and just yabber all our nonsense and pains, basically getting the latest scoop on each of our lives.

Haiya, but the presence of guys tend to put a stopper or ok, maybe a filter, on our mouths, because when we want to talk about the private stuff, we can't because it's OBVIOUS that the guys are going to be the topic of discussion!

Don't get mua wrong, it's great having the guys around and they ARE a great addition, but you know, girls need girl talk time right? Right?!

OH WELL. I think this calls for a conspiracy... *rubs palms and thinks*

Anyway, it's coming to 5 years of friendship for us and i must say, Thank you God for placing such people in my life. It hardly feels like a day has passed since we've left ACJC almost 3 years ago and the friendship and bonds remain strong despite not being able to see each other often.

Love how we can still come together and blabber. Time didn't dilute anything.

*** ***

I am so cramped with work that i could go chew/chomp on a tree branch to deal with the pain.

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