Friday, September 02, 2005

Never been this ill

He weakly slid hopped off the chair and proceeded to stand about weakly and hunched over on the marble floor, with his 3-4 vertebrae worth of a tail tucked against his furry brown backside. I watched him, not knowing what he was going to do next.
Vomit? Collapse and die?

His hind legs seemed like they were about to give way but then he circled around a couple of times, as dogs do before they lie down, and collapsed on the floor and lay on his side in a stiff pile. His little legs stuck out from his body like toothpicks in a cocktail sausage, his chest suddenly ballooning to an abnormal size.

Now, he wouldn't do this because he's a creature of comfort! I thought. And then i recalled with fear in my heart, how my previous dog collapsed and died in the animal hospital, right at the waiting area before anyone even came out to save his life.

Before i could decide on how to assist him, almost instantly, he got back on his feet, wheezed a few times, hunched over and released a torrent of pinkish-orangeyish lumpy gunk from his tiny mouth.
Must be his breakfast and then some.

"It's ok Jed, that's a good boy... (pat pat) I won't scold you for puking this time... (strokes his head) Just DON'T EAT IT BACK..." (Yes, he does eat his puke if you don't stop him.)

I have discovered that i don't find watching animals puke as disgusting and puke/retch-inducing as a human puking.

I figured he felt better after getting all that crap out of his system because he managed to lie down for a while although his breath was laboured at regular intervals.

Awaiting vet's beckoning call.

And so after:
- a telling off from the interesting vet (*holds his little snout shut and joggles it a bit* "You ah! Must've eaten something bad!"),
- being sodomised by a thermometer (Oooo, nasty!),
- a nail trimming (he hates it. *struggle, struggle, whine, whine*),
- a jab on his thigh for his vomiting (Oww!),
- a bath (he hates that too. *whine*)
another scare when he passed out blood
- another call to the vet who spoke reassuringly and suggested starting Jed on the medication anyway
- 4 pills to swallow (To a greedy min pin, i wonder if that's half bad)

He's now resting in a bed of dry, clean towels in my sister's room and being kept under close observation.
My poor baby.

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