Monday, August 15, 2005

Boring talk of hair and non existent fashion.

Everytime i come to my page and see the same old post, i cringe because it's so stale. Ack. Here's a bimbotic post that was drafted in June.
Read only if you want your IQ to drop drastically below 100.

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My hair's a wild bush, safe for birds, including pelicans, to nestle in. I've always wanted to try straightening it or curling it, but you know, i'm quite a chicken when it comes to these things so i end up sticking to my natural waves.

Which in the end, i find that it's gotta be one of the most unique styles to have today, because like i said in a past post... How come suddenly all these chinese women sprout such exotic curly (or stick straight) hair?
It's gorgeous, but not to mention fake and not lasting anyway.

Ah but well, who wouldn't be up for a nice change anyway right? Nothing wrong with doing something new to your looks. As long as you don't get obsessed such that you cannot see yourself in any other hairdo but the artificial one.

I know of people who cannot revert back to their natural hair style because it'll clash with what they've got now. So, how? Keep rebonding lor. And mind you, it costs money. Care to continue rebonding for life? Hm.
If you're loaded then fine, but don't start crying and regretting when you find that your hair drops and all that jazz when you get older.

O.o Did i just say that?
The last time i checked, i was found to be just 2 decades old.

Anyway, it's not been too long ago that i've snipped off my final dyed bits of hair.
But i am so going to dye it again after my exams. Ok, only if i have enough dough.

Oh and did you know, that I am a closet "Wear-Your-Fashion-Loud-and-Proud" type. Heh heh. Betcha didn't guess right? Yeah, all my berms and boring repeated tops didn't give that away now, did they.

The Sims i created (you know, The Sims 2?) are the images of what i want to really look like, but if only i could summon the courage to. My created female character, Mikal Wolfe, has a uber cool mohawk, green eyes and wears dark lipstick and goes around clad in her sporty attire.
Hiak hiak.

But back to reality. I have neither time, money, the attention span nor that unexplainable enthusiastic female energy to *keep* "looking stereotypically attractive".

As i have said, I am the Epitome of Female Laziness. Ok, not that i go around willfully trying to emulate Chewbakka from Star Wars (but i am not far from that on any normal day).
I just make do with what i have and i don't try too hard to go out of my way to get "a certain look".

Besides, i believe in comfort in dressing. For example, wearing heels does not look comfortable nor has it ever gotten shining track records for doing your feet any wonders either.

Sure, the heels might accentuate the calve muscles and make you feel like a million bucks strutting around in it. Think i'll save that heel moment for strange vain occasions or for dinners, when i don't have to walk around a lot and can still feel like a million bucks when... I get up to go to the loo?

Now that i've come to think of it... I realize that each time i do bother to dress up a little (ok, the word is: When i do wear something That's-Actually-In-Fashion because i always wear stuff that's, er, from many seasons ago), i get people looking at me and i squirm uncomfortably inside.
I know that i haven't grown a second head but i keep wondering whether i'm missing something, or whether i'm wearing something inside out, or whether i remembered to zip my fly.

See? That shows how often i go around looking like a So-Chai (i quote my dear D), such that no one looks at me. Muah ha la. :-D

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For something entirely unrelated:
I want to go to Mustafa to get toiletries, which is something i've never done before.

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