Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wa Raow...

I've been having dreams (yes, the dreams-that-occur-during-sleep kind) about me owning my own soprano saxophone and being one happy camper.
See what happens when you allow Jo to sample-play a soprano saxophone for only a few seconds?!

Having me OWN soprano saxophone?

IN MY DREAMS AH! (literally... *wistful sigh while plonking chin on upturned palm*)

Yes. In my waking hours, at the back of my mind, i've been savouring (replaying) its unique sound, the controlling of the embouchure so as not to "squeak!", its smooth polished body, and golden sheen...
Perfectly enthralling.

It's been going on for days, and it doesn't help that a spiffy looking saxophone catalogue sits very strategically on my table such that i'll see it when i walk into my room.

As much as they say that the student's life is said to be the best and most enjoyable part of life, i am, too, looking forwad to the day when i can really earn and be responsible for my own cash.
How i will need to learn to budget, invest, save and spend responsibly.

Hopefully, when the finances allow and if it's appropriate, i will one day be able to save up enough to get that dream wind instrument. (Oh, and i am still hoping to get a digital piano too.)

I miss playing that saxy thang.

I think i shall do a line up of all the musical instruments in the house and post a picture, just for fun. :-)

Back in primary school, i was assigned to play the ugliest biggest instrument around in the concert band (not including the percussion instruments) and that was the tuba.
But i was secretly infatuated with the flute.

The tuba was large, cumbersome and so very unglam, i thought, at that time. I was always dreaming of playing the flute, and i always thought with envy about how they always get to play the melodies of all the songs.
I even went so far as to think that those instruments that got to play along with the flutes during the more transparent portions of a song was PRIVILEGED and held in high regard!

What a silly poot i was.

Then came a time when i couldn't take it anymore and i wasn't very happy in the band and so i brought it up with the teacher in charge. She was really nice about it, but sadly, i was told that if i were to switch, i can only transfer to the trombone section.
Nah, i thought.

But i soon gained a better understanding of the importance of having THEE bass in the band, because hey, without it, you can twitter all you like, but you're going to sound empty without mua. Hohoho.

All that changed when i stepped into secondary school and got the opportunity to choose what i'd like to play. I grabbed the chance and as they always say, the rest is history... 6 years of devotion to the alto saxophone (sec sch and JC).
Not the flute. ;-P

I don't quite know why i didn't pick the flute. Either because there were enough musicians in the flute section or perhaps it really was just an infatuation, in every sense.

(actually, i did try again for the flute in JC. I played with the flute section for a while only to discover that i totally sucked. Buah haha. It WAS a humbling experience. So it was back to the good old Sax. Ah, familiarity.)

I can't tell you which i prefer, the alto or soprano, i love em both. But i think that the desire for the soprano stems from the fact that i can handle it (as opposed to the Tenor and Baritone) and it's novel to me. And i also think that because of media exposure, it's more solo friendly.

Though eventually, i think my love for both will take over my pocket...

Ironically, i own a flute this day, but as for the saxophone...
Oh Honey, i'll come get you soon. I promise.

Picture was taken from:
(Soprano Saxophone)

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