Friday, August 26, 2005

*slitted eyed stare*

Ok, ever since yesterday, there's been this person who has been dropping bead-like or stone-like objects on the floor CONSTANTLY. And this person lives above me and apparently, seems to be doing this repeatedly, and directly above my room, above my study area.

It's annoying the hair off me because it goes:

(person drops object)

Tock.... tock..... tock.... tock... tock... tock.. tock..tock..tock. tock.tock.tock.tock.tock.tocktocktocktocktocktocktocktocktock

(you can imagine that right? the sound increases its frequency as the objects bounces closer to the ground before stopping entirely)

and then repeats all over again.

And after which, the person now and then adds a second object, so its double the tock-tock-ing.
It's been two days already.

My mom said (in mock seriousness of course, because she's more civilized than i am):
"Eh? Then why you never go and take something (indicates the likeness of a broom with her hand gestures) and poke poke poke them back?"

(in English, that translates to: Why didn't you take a broom/pole and lift it to the ceiling of your room and make a din back at them as well?)

Like i said, she was just kidding, because she is a civilized human being. For now, the person has ceased the annoying activity. Hope it stays this way.

*** ***

Now, when was the last time i felt both this happy and wretched at the same time?

I feel silly for exclaiming so loudly yesterday, but hey, i couldn't curb my happiness. ;-D

Want to get an insight into the Man/Woman's world? Please read Marilyn's 23rd August (Tue) post.
The Man's portion sounds like something i read off MSN, but the Women's portion written by Mari herself, is for the most part, pretty true. Melikes Mari's writing, thumbs up from mua!

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