Monday, August 29, 2005

Self Talk

Stolen Ideas:
I lower my brows and grit my mental teeth when people snitch my original ideas and pass it off as their own. Pooh. Thing is, it's inevitable and naturally occurring. But don't you feel as if you were being done an injustice? Part of your creativity stolen from you, like your "copyrighted" ideas were er... raped.

So i think of it this way: They liked it, so be flattered. And it's just too bad and your bad luck that they cannot attach citations, so live with it. (but at least give verbal credit lah!)

Well unless the person who used the idea isn't someone that you think has a very good sense of humour (in a personal case). Then unfortunately, that ain't no compliment, sadly.

How and When do you say...
We were just talking about how often those sacred 3 worded phrasES must be spoken to a significant other. It should be enough, so that each of person gets a pleasureable warm buzzy smiley feeling every time (most ideally), and should not be said too often that it becomes as cliche as "what's for dinner"?

I can only say that, satisfying someone comes with the deep understanding of the other. You'll be able to sense the right time and moment and feel the need of the other person to be loved and affirmed.

Even with a fast thumping heart, the words at the tip of your tongue, the moment hanging in a void in time and space, when everything else seems to go slow-mo and there's the fear pulsing through you that at any second the moment would simply fizzle into nothingness and then, drat!There went your chance to say those heartfelt words.

Sometimes you just don't because it's just not in your character to display such acts of affection even though your imagination/wilder party animal side says you can. Other times, it puts you in such a vulnerable position that you feel that you just can't allow yourself to be looked over, cross examined, prodded about, grinned at, like the bug in a box.

You better tell her pronto before...
Yes, we all like being complimented especially when the other person does it voluntarily, out of the blue, and without being asked to, directly or indirectly.

Eg. Dear, am i smart?/am i pretty?/do i have a good sense of fashion?/do i have a great smile?/Do i look fat?/Am i fat?/How much do you love me?/Would you do anything for me?/Am i childish?, etc.

XX: Wow! You look really good!
XY: You look good too. (must say mah, to equal out the score)

The men obviously CANNOT run away from these questions once they're asked. So, you'd better go and tell her how beautiful/smart/blah blah... she is, so that she doesn't have a reason to suddenly corner you, pin you down and make you squeak out an answer and risk being misunderstood if you so much as hesitate even for a second before answering.

Whether or not you tell her now or later during interrogation, Do i even need to mention that you have to mean it?

Ah, but then: But how leh if I want to tell the truth which is unfavourable to her?
Then I tell you: Tact, tact, tact... And lots of love love love...

As for the woman? Be mature about it lah. He love and accept you as you are, very good already leh.

Then again, i wonder how many words a man would speak if they (hypothetically) only speak what they mean.

(ooooh, a mean girl, you are, Jo!)

Married life:
There's this saying that goes something like: The transition into a married life shouldn't be all that different from when you were in a relationship. It shouldn't shock you, and leave you in a position where you feel as if everything feels alien.

In a way, it's true because after all, being together for a while, you would pretty much know your partner's quirks and habits, how to make rational decisions together, blah blah, the works. Ok, i am NOT an expert on this.

Sure, with marriage comes its challenges and new (and scary) situations where spouse and you have to deal with.
But you do get where the saying is coming from, don't you?

I suppose it's referring to, when a couple marries, it happens as if it was suppose to happen at the end. And when it does, it's comes with such a natural flow, that when the couple eases into married life, it's just a beautiful extension of more to come, in couplehood.

A far too romanticized version of married life? Perhaps. What do i know eh? I'm just two decades old, bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Vainpot Speaking:
Speaking of bushy tails. I think i am going come up with an entry where i will take a mug shot of myself with my current hairdo and use some VERY rudimentary editing, to experiment with other hairdos.

Hoo hoo hoo. How bo liao and i think it's going to be either a disaster or i might think the better of it and just not risk putting up pictures of myself. I risk being sued for visual assault, you know?

Itchy Hands:
I love weapons. Yum. I see a weapon even in a huge melon. Yep, i'm talking about that Hami Melon...

In other News...
Meeting up with my good ole' JC mates later today. Ooohh, i cannot wait. Pizza, talkrot, girl talk (for a guy, P's always a good sport when it comes to such things) and other matters.

This is bad. I am stuffing myself with ice cream to keep awake (oh how convenient an excuse to go full steam at my favourite brand of ice cream!) while typing out an essay. The ice cream parlour at my place sells freshly made stuff and it's got me addicted since the first day it touched my taste buds.
Ever heard of "Earl Grey Tea" ice cream? No? Well, it's because these guys are creative with the stuff they make.


I shall introduce my pals to my new found love. Yay!


Gosh. I'm wondering if it's normal to spend 10 hours with someone and not get sick of the person, and talk for 5 to 7 hours without tiring on certain days, and on every other day almost consecutively, we talk for at least 2-3 hours.
And on my side, it never once feels like it's a chore. (Dunno about the other party though.)

If it sounds a little absurd, then this is a very gooood sign.

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