Thursday, July 28, 2005

Given the way the world is today, with the more "liberal"/"personal choice" or "less morally stringent" (whichever way you see it) standards towards premarital sex
let's say if you were a firm believer of abstinence and you walk the talk...


What would you do if you found out that your partner had one or more sexual partners before s/he came into your life?
(assuming that you didn't ask her/him this question before getting together with her/him.)

Would like to know how you people feel about this. :-)
(Hah! i am bigheadedly nicely assuming that people actually read this stuff)

*** ***

A friend used to be in such a situation and while trying to help then, i have to confess that i was an idealistic toot-head during then.

I soon realized that it's easy to say that"love can overcome". But that's forgetting a lot of other factors and events that occur before the overcoming stage, IF it even overcomes at all.

Some people put moral standards and expectations way beyond just love itself.

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