Monday, November 08, 2004

Someone made a voodoo doll of me, i'm sure of it.

I am pissed because now i have to retype my long rant. Crummy computer.
Guess I won't be including the details anymore because once is enough and that was mercilessly lost.

So, i'm sorry if you guys were hoping for something MORE, about my stupid crap day i had yesterday at the range.

Am i junk or is my bow the junk:

My stupid compound bow messed up big time on me twice. I think it just can't seem to take the shocks/impact very well.
As a result, my arrow rest destroyed some inner metal threads (that has been thankfully fixed due to coach's dexterity).
The entire arrow rest popped right off my bow. My heart also nearly popped and dropped.
AND secondly, my scope did a half spin after one particular shot (as in, it came loose so had to tighten again).

Tell me. Is it my bow or me?

I should've gotten either Hoyt or Mathews. Problem is, they are too bleddy expensive.

While shooting with the team:

I lost 1 arrow, murdered another because i lost the metal tip and i killed the fletches of 4 more.
They say it is all part and parcel of archery. Oh really. I take it on half trust for now.

Then, coach cranked up the poundage, from 29 to 33-35pounds. Do the math. Usually, you only crank up 3 pounds at one shot, maximum.
I was like... *Oooff* when i had to draw the bow.
Well, a necessary step, because i had to reach the target at 70m. No choice.
As you will guess, i was dog tired at the end of the shoot.

Had this one suspicious arrow that kept going into blue despite me aiming at the centre.
And i think coach kept seeing that happening. Not very good for a first time 70m impression eh.

But zen... I managed to get a 10 pointer ok! (I hope it's not taiko one)With my x6 scope! What was the national archer next to me using?
A SURE-LOC x10 SCOPE OK! Which is worth more than a hundred, or a few hundred dollars.
Me? Using a humble Spigarelli x6 scope costing $68.
Hail Joline!

YEAH RIGHT. I am only a small cashew nut lah, i have LOTS to improve on...

Jo the perfect Klutz:

BAH. Clumsy, i am.
In the earlier part of the day, i kept tripping on the strings on the floor that demarcates the equipment line. My bow also got caught on the tent's foundation strings such that when i walked, oblivious to the drag, i pulled on the tent's cover.
All this, in full view of strangers who were amused.
Friggin' embarrassing ok.
But, i am the master of making things look forgivable. *fuahhahaha*

Just when i thought that klutz jo was done with entertaining her audience. She outdid herself again. Just you hear.

At crowded City Hall Interchange, i was an idiot and stepped onto the escalator that was coming DOWN from the higher story. I thought it was going UP to the higher story.
Ok, so as i've said, without much exagerration, i had to do a "tapdance" on the escalator to save my sorry butt. I had to turn around and get off, else i'd be dancing for all eternity.

Because my bow was long, it banged on the sides of the escalator creating such a bleddy din that people turned round to stare. ****!

*** ***

All in all, an interesting day in a not so nice way.
I hope to infinity that no one on that MRT platform will ever see my face again!

Anyway, it's pretty early (about 3pm) to be shacked but i am.

Maybe later.

*dog yawn*

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