Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Open the eyes, i must.

A swift kick to my behind and a huge slap with a luohan fish across my face, will do really nicely at the moment.
I need to wake up and quit living in a fantasy.
Stop being dependent!

I don't need you in order to function properly!
I can do well enough on my own, thank you very much.

No, no, don't get me wrong, life would be cool with you but a girl's got to know when to pull the brakes... sometimes.

*** ***

We (names withheld for privacy purposes) talked about manners... of guys, that is.

For example:

- He eats like he usually would... Only that he eats so... openly, that you can see every molecule of food in his mouth.
- He is NOT gentlemanly.
- He eats more noisily than a bulldozer.
- He picks his zits in front of you... and checks the results of his gold mining.
- He has a very disgusting way of cleaning his... face. Or a part of it.
- He snorts in a very crude way to clear his nose. He might as well be running around with the pigs.
- He doesn't stand to greet someone especially if the person comes by to shake his hand.
- (list not exhaustive)

Well, perhaps some of you, having a boyfriend who has some of these disgusting traits, or maybe ALL or MOST of these traits (oh, bless your saintly heart, darling) does not bother you very much.

Perhaps, you might even see these as shallow and undeserving of attention because he fulfills your every other need perfectly. (Well and good for you, darling)

But for the rest of us who are bothered by his non-existent manners, please stand up!
Why, thank you! Yes, i too, joline, cannot tolerate living with a caveman!

Imagine him having a meal with the rest of your family at the dinner table at home, or eating out with your family.
And the whole bunch of us will be treated to a display of his animalistic manners!
Wow! Call in David Attenborough, Call in Jane Goodall!

I wouldn't know what i'd do apart from the "digging a hole and hiding in the ground", "kicking him under the table", "pretend to drag him to the toilet to... educate him" measures.

Update maybe later.

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