Sunday, November 07, 2004

*was* contented with a little gastric pain.


I'm back from a long day at the range... Wait till i divulge about the day's happenings.
Two words: %^&*I^G %$^T! (yes, that does spell something but too profane for sanctified eyes)


What is this? Verbal Diarrhoea. Blog Diarrhoea.


Decided not to turn on the lights, so that i could see what the sky held in store.
I leaned out the window to discover the wealth of stars i could see! It was SUCH a beautiful sight to behold.
Without warning...

I know those days are gone but hey, cues always happen right?
I remember "Orion". The star constellation that had always been my favourite.
Orion itself fascinated me and i think it amused you to know that this silly girl never failed to be transfixed by it.

"Come over here! You can see it better here." (looks up and points)
But i think my voice got lost in the wind.
You smiled and said something or other and went on your way.

I wish our cell mates could book a chalet soon. Then hopefully, a bunch of friends and i can go gaze at the sky, sit at the breakwater at night (WITH PEPPER SPRAY) and listen to the waves and creatures of the night.

Oh ____.

Jed just vomited on my bed.

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