Thursday, November 25, 2004


The bbq on monday went pretty good. I actually enjoyed myself. (Wow, Jo enjoyed herself while being around people.) Could actually let loose a little, being my ditzy and active persona, which is by far the closest to my real self.

We played a prank on our birthday boy. It was hilarious! And it was so funny seeing him "attack" his girlfriend when he found out that she was in the prank as well.

While everyone was feasting on the first round of bbq stuff, i realized that no one was cooking so i decided to do so. As a result, i got to eat just one of the chicken wings i *sort of* marinated (had a little help) last minute before i left for the bbq.

Well, i am most happy to serve others. So, it is not a problem anyway.
Besides, seeing food cook is actually quite a pleasure.
Hm, reminds me of food chemistry. Chemistry option paper.
The stupid thing that i studied only JUST before the paper began on the day itself.

The bbq fire was so freakin' hot that the metal button (above the zip) on my bermudas got heated up and was searing my skin!

*** ***

Had a good work-out day yesterday (wed). Had about 30min of badminton in the afternoon, about 1hour+ of gym followed by more badminton in the evening. Heh.
A new part of me is aching now... hohoho. *GRIN*

My left triceps have healed well but my hamstrings are still experiencing a slight problem from the last gym session. I discovered that the muscles shortened! Trying my best to do some stretching exercises whenever i can.

Had a little dinner by the sea. AS IN, ON THE BEACH, WITH THE SEA A FEW METRES AWAY FROM ME. It was THAT THAT THAT BEAUTIFUL! I was SO IMPRESSED with the idea!
Pasta Fresca by East Coast.

Hey gals! What say you about a trip like that for dinner? It'll be awesome.

Went for a walk at Labrador Park. I know, I know. Kinda like a lover's place, it is.

Memories flooded my head when we (schoolmate and i) went over.
Memories of that sunset at that little balcony of sorts.
Memories of you.
And of course, memories of ACJC BAND!

We just walked the length of the Park, ventured onto the jetty. A still night it was.

If only i could be there for hours on end and with someone special. To sink into his embrace as we stare out to sea and watch the lights sparkle in the distance on the dark sea.
Uhm... *smile*

The expanse of sky was just... OH GLORY!

I conked out the second my head touched the pillow. Horizontal meditation went well and woke up aching! AH, the pain. Nice, nice.

Well, today calls for more up and running business. Golly Wolly, i am tired!
But, i can do it!

Till Then.
*Very seh* (add the nasal quality when you say that)

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